Saturday, August 11, 2012

Surprise Win

Before uploading another post about something from my vacation, which you might be bored hearing about, I want to share something beauty related. 

Before I left for the Philippines I joined some blog giveaways and surprisingly I got an email from Christina of  THT Christina about being a second winner in her giveaway. I received the news of being a winner when I was already on vacation. My internet connection back home was so bad that it was pure luck that I had accessed it a week after Christina sent me a message that I won. Since it had already been a week since she sent me that message I gave her my information and told her that I would understand if she would be pick another winner because of my late reply.

I haven't heard from her after that and I still don't know now if she did reply because I haven't accessed my alternate email account which she messaged me at. Which was why I really was surprised when my brother knocked on my door yesterday and handed me a package. 

I opened the parcel up with a confused look and only after I read her note did I remember her email. Here are the goodies she sent me.

She sent me 3 sets of fun clip on hair extensions, an NOPS BB Cream, 2 boxes of falsies, 2 masks, nail gems and a donut phone strap. I love everything she sent me. Thank you so much again Christina! Please go and visit her blog. I added her link above. 

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