Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Circle Lens FAQs Answered!

I have been using contact lenses and circle lenses for a really long time now and I have been getting a lot of FAQs on my circle lens reviews that I decided to answer them in one post. 

  1. How long have you been wearing contact lenses/circle lenses?
    • Well, I've started using contact lenses when I was in high school - that was around 8 or 9 years ago and I've been wearing circle lenses for 6 years already.
  2. What's the difference between a circle lens and regular or conventional contact lenses?
    • Circle lenses make your eyes appear bigger. Circle lenses have many different designs and is more for cosmetic purposes than corrective. 
    • Circle lenses should not be used as a replacement for conventional corrective lenses since conventional lenses are made for daily use and to enhance your vision - but, I must admit that for the past few years, I've been wearing circle lenses almost daily and in some way it has replaced my conventional lenses. Though I don't recommend wearing it everyday, I have not encountered any problems with it.
  3. What's your eye prescription?
    • My eye prescription is -4.25 for both eyes and I have astigmatism. For my astigmatism, I was prescribed toric lenses but after using it for more a month I find that it is the cause of my migraines and dizziness so I stopped using them. I use my regular myopic prescription which is -4.25. When ordering lenses, I sometimes order -4.00. I find little difference between the grade and I can see well with both prescriptions; -4.00 was my eye grade prior to -4.25.
  4. How long can you wear a circle lens?
    • In a day it should not be longer than 8 hours though I usually wear mine longer than that (12-16 hours).
    • Do not sleep on it! Circle lenses are not for extended wear. Even extended wear contact lenses should be taken off at night. I'm not gonna lie and say I've never slept with mine but sleeping with lenses on dries out your eyes, makes it prone to infection and other eye complications. Taking a nap with it is fine but not for more than 15 minutes. There are times when you can't help but sleep with it but make sure to hydrate your eyes and remove them as soon as you possibly can. Don't forget to thoroughly clean them and rest your eyes for a good couple of hours before you put them back on.
  5. How long does circle lenses last?
    • Unopened lenses in their manufactured bottles mostly have a shell/shelf life of 3 years unless stated in their manufacturing stamps. 
    • If used regularly, they can be good for wear for 1 year. There are some lenses that is good for wear for 30days (like the Hana 30 Days Circle Lens), 3 months or 6 months. Always read manufacturing details before purchasing lenses so you would know when to dispose it.
    • With proper care of lenses, they can be used for more than a year but, the longer the time it is was opened and used the lenses will get brittle and will be prone to wear and tear.
  6. Eye irritations?
    • Most common problems would be drying and redness of the eyes.
      • There are many causes of drying - exposure to air/wind, eye straining, temperature, water dehydration, etc. Bring a small eye drop bottle with a re-wetting/contact lens solution. Drink water too!
      • Redness can also be cause by the same things as drying. Removing the lenses, re-wetting your eyes/putting Visine or some other eye drops and resting the eyes would be a good remedy.
    • Painful eyes - two most common cause will be lints/fibers stuck on the lenses or eye infection
      • Towel fibers and lint sometimes stick on the lenses and since they can be very fine and small, we often don't see them and feel them until after the lenses are already on the eyes. Once you feel that there is something caught in your eye and it becomes red in a matter of seconds, take the lens out, put eye drops on your eye, thoroughly clean the lens, soak it for few minutes and rest your eyes too. Before you put it back on, check the lens if its clean and lint-free and put it back on.
      • Eye infections are usually caused by improper hygiene and care of eyes and lenses as well as sleeping on the lenses. Always wash your hands before putting on and removing lenses. Wash your lenses with contact lens solution. Even if the solution says "no rub" it is still better to rub the lenses for thorough cleaning. 
        • I've had eye infections due to this twice in my life already (back hen I was just wearing conventional contact lens) and it was not very pleasant. Eye redness will be the first sign and next would be the pain. Go to you doctor immediately for consultation so that he will be able to prescribe you meds. 
  7. Uncomfortable lenses?
    • Sometimes lenses may be uncomfy to wear if you put it on inside out.  Place the lens on the tip of your index finger and check for the perfect bowl-like shape to ensure it is not flipped inside out. 
    • Lens is out of place - you are suddenly missing a lens. Chances are, it slid up the balls of your eyes. Close your eyes and gently massage your lids until they're back in place. 
  8. Contact lens solution
    • My personal preference is Opti-Free but there are lots of other brands in the market and are readily available at drugstores. 
  9. Any tips on buying circle lenses?
    • Look for a credible online shop and brand. Check out reviews first before deciding on buying a product. 
    • Check the site's return policy, terms and conditions before purchasing. 
    • Compare prices and have choices. It is always good to choose between shops and between different lenses. It gives you an idea of how much a pair of lenses is. Choose similar or different lenses of your choice and see which one you like best for it's price and convenience
    • Have your eyes checked first before buying contact/circle lenses. You may be needing graded lenses.

I hope I've addressed these questions. I'm sorry if it is quite lengthy but I really hope this helps a lot. If you have any more questions, please leave it down in the comments. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Beauty Deals: 4/20/12

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I.Fairy Moe Moe Brown Circle Lens Review

One of the circle lens brand that has been getting a lot of love lately is the I.Fairy. I've been given a chance to review the I.Fairy Moe Moe Circle Lenses by Uniqso. As always, I will give you my honest opinions on the product.

I.Fairy Moe Moe Circle Lenses are by far the brightest circle lens that I've tried. The shade is in brown but it wears a lot like gold and reminds me of Twilight vampires' eyes. This makes you stand out a lot if you're wearing it during the day and more so at night when hit by the light.

It has a diameter of 16mm and it does make your eyes look bigger but I see little difference in size compared to a 14.5mm and 15mm. I believe if it has a darker outer ring it the enlargement of the eyes would be more prominent but alas, this particular lens has a lighter outer ring.

As for the comfort and wear of this particular pair of lenses, they are really good! I wore it for a good 9 hours when I went out at night with a friend and it didn't dry out or irritate my eyes. It was a somewhat chilly evening out too when I wore this and I had the wind blow straight into my eyes a couple of times but surprisingly I didn't have a problem with my lenses which I sometimes experience with other lenses in the same situation. 

Price-wise, this retails at Uniqso for $22.90 per pair and this is just the right price for a circle lens. 

Overall, I give this lenses a rating of 4.8 out of 5! Why I didn't give it a perfect 5? Just for my personal preference of having a darker outer ring for enlargement, but other than that, this pair of lenses are great! If you are someone who like brighter circle lenses this is perfect. This is not a natural looking circle lens though.   

Uniqso gave me an opportunity to have you, my dearest readers and followers to enjoy a 10% discount on anything from Uniqso. Just enter this code. :)

Hope you like this review!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

A Liebster Blog award! Thank you to Ashley of Beauty Flawed for giving me this wonderful award! I am so happy that I got one.

I would also like to grab this opportunity to thank all of my followers the old and the new, for supporting this blog of mine. I have been MIA this week and I as surprised that even if I was away and the posts were lacking, I gained 50 followers! Thank you so much!

Rules for this blog award: Pass it on to 5 bloggers!

Here are some of the bloggers I love that I believe I haven't awarded before so I'm giving them a chance at this. :)

1. Kathy of The Knit Collector
2. Siri Elaine of SiriElaine
3. Mariana of Miss Tangerine
4. Dbl Chin of Miss DblChin
5. Beatrice of Pretty and Preppy

Check these lovely ladies out!

Sunday Beauty Deals: 4/15/12

These beauty deals and steals were supposed to go up last Friday but I've been so busy and MIA this week so forgive me but nevertheless, better late than never! 

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

TRESemme Thermal Creations Curl Activator Spray Review/Tutorial

Hello lovelies! Today I want to do a review on a product that I have been seriously loving. I have to say that this is one of my favorite products for the month of February.

The TRESemme Thermal Creations Curl Activator Spray is a product that is specifically formulated for heat styling and maintaining curls.  It is basically a hair spray with heat protectant property. The smell and texture of the product is similar to most hair spray in the market. Though this product is made for heat styling, it is still advisable to use Heat Tamer Spray or any heat protectant product in order to have extra protection against the heat.

In order for this product to work best for the hair, it is best to follow the instructions in the package and do some extra steps. Here is how I use this product:

1. Spray Heat Tamer on the hair and brush the hair to distribute product, let it sit for a minute.
2. Next, mist Curl Activator Spray evenly on the hair
3. Blow dry for around a minute and brush the hair - blow drying removes the tackiness that the Curl Activator Spray leaves
4. Curl the hair using a flat iron/curling iron/curling wand

That's it! This will hold your curls/waves for a long time even without spritzing on additional hairspray at the end of heat styling.

I have actually thought at first that this would be like a regular heat protectant spray and without reading the instructions, I went and curled my hair without blow drying. It was not a total disaster and the results was not bad either but after trying it out again with blow drying prior to curling, the curls are much easier to style and it holds much better too.  The curls which before, lasted long enough, was a little limp. But with the additional process of blow drying, the curls were bouncy and had lasted for three days. The hold it has on the hair is flexible but firm. It doesn't get flaky or leaves any residue. 

It is a great product and I highly recommend it. Nicer looking curls and waves and additional hair protection too! :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday Beauty Deals: 4/4/12

If you can't resist shopping for beauty items this week, here's a way to help you buy more and save more. :)

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Hope you like this beauty deals lovelies! Let me know what you think of this!

Great News!

I'm am quickly reaching 550 blog followers and I am so happy that this little blog that I started last November of 2011 that it has grown this much. I am very grateful to each and everyone of you who had followed me and this blog of mine.

I have already reached this many followers and I have won quite a few giveaways from other bloggers as well yet I have yet to hold my own giveaway to you guys. I am very happy to inform everyone that I would be having my very own international giveaway in a few weeks! Yes, you heard that right! International. Details about this giveaway would posted in a separate post but I'm giving you guys the heads up! ^^

Along with the giveaway that I would be having, I also am very happy to announce that I have finally made a Facebook page for my blog. If you have noticed, I have that little widget on the right side of my blog. :) It would really make me happy if you like and share that page. My Facebook page is a link to my personal life. I will be updating it quite frequently and will be posting a few personal pics and info from family, friends to the love of my life. I would also be entertaining questions that pertains to my nursing education (since I have received some messages from other bloggers that they would like to know more about that), as well as my long distance relationship with my boyfriend (1 year and still going strong!) and other things that you have on your mind. Please don't hesitate to say hi at that page or give comments and requests.

I promise you guys that you will see more of me and even though I'm beginning to be quite busy I'll always find time for my blog and give you quality and honest posts. ^^

I love you guys!

Much love,

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Smashbox Iconic Eyes Palette Review

The Smashbox Iconic Eyes Palette is a nice neutral/smokey quad that would take you from day to night. I bought this from Sephora online a few weeks back and I featured this one too in my Mini Sephora haul together with the items I bought.

This quad was on sale for $10-15, I'm not entirely sure now how much it was exactly since I checked back at Sephora and this particular palette is not available anymore and it wasn't showing up in my previously bought items too. It comes in a very simply packaged black cardboard palette that was bit disappointing since online it clearly look liked it was in a plastic case. Anyway, for the price, I really can't complain. It has 4 full sized eyeshadows that are really very pretty.

It has a metallic choco brown shade, a frosty champagne, a frosty peach and a metallic navy. They are adequately pigmented. I cannot compare their pigmentation to Urban Decays' which I believe is one of the brands that produces really pigmented eyeshadows. Finger swatches are really good but picking the shadows up with a brush creates a lot of fall outs and appears to be chalky. They are easy to blend out to the point where you can even make them very sheer, which I am not sure if it's a good or bad thing. 

Over all I think this is a good palette and since I don't own any other Smashbox eyeshadows I really don't know if this is true to all Smashbox shadows. It is a nice quad though, great for traveling since the palette has a mirror too. I'll give this palette a 3 out of 5. I think that my Wet n Wild Trios are better than this - much better pigmentation and much more affordable.