Friday, March 30, 2012

Sneekpeeq Winning from Silvana!

Excitingly won 4 giveaways in a span of a week around 3 weeks ago, one of them I've already blogged about (Blushing Thanks). Here's another one of my winnings, this time from beauty blogger, GlitzGlamBudget's Silvana. 

For her giveaway she had tied up with Sneekpeeq, a flash sale site that ranges from new and upcoming brands to well know brands that everyone loves. Best thing about the site is earning badges just for "peeqing" at item prices, liking and sharing the product/brand and giving you amazing discounts off the already sale items! The prize was a $25 credit for Sneekpeeq. 

A few days after I won her giveaway, I browsed through Sneekpeeq and found so many beautiful items on sale for really cheap! I had a lot of options but I was stuck on this DIY Photography Bokeh Masters Kit. If you don't know what Bokeh is, it's a Japanese word that means blur and is a technique that is popular to those who play around with photography and photoshop. The idea around this kit are the many different effects you can do with cut outs that you place over your camera lens. Anyway, I purchased this for free! It's exactly $25 and I have free shipping too so I paid nothing for it. However, the only downside was receiving it after 3 weeks. 

I do not own this photo - taken from DIY Photography

I love this kit! The kit includes cut out shapes that you can use in a lot of different ways and a few other blank circle cut outs that you can creatively make your own designs. It is best used with a 50mm lens so I have not really played around with it since I'm still waiting for my brother to bring around his telephoto lenses, plus there seems to be a lack of interesting lights around my area. I'm also waiting for a warmer weather so I can frolick on the streets at night and take cool shots with this kit. 

Thank you so much to Silvana! Go and give her a hi in her blog and told her I sent you. I believe she's having another giveaway right now so go check her out! :)

I will blog about the other two giveaway prizes in the next days.


  1. I am so happy you won my giveaway, it's always nice when a long time reader actually wins!! I can't wait to see you use this please post as many pics as possible!!! Congrats in winning the giveaway!!

  2. This looks so cool! : D I want to try it so much. Hehehe!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by(: I love your blog and you are seriously soo beautiful its beyond me. Congrats on winning btw its definitely a cool prize.

    Oh and I'm currently studying nursing so I think its so cool that you're a nursing graduate because I would love to ask you some questions about it, if you don't mind ofcourse. (:

  4. This is really kewl! :D Thanx for visiting my blog, following back! Have a STELLAR weekend, and don't be a stranger!!

    Jenny @ Jems From Jenny

  5. That's really interesting. I look forward to seeing your cool photos.

  6. I HAVE THESE TOO!! but Im not too keen with using them :S


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