Saturday, March 10, 2012

Influenster Love Voxbox

Hello lovelies! I missed you and blogging! I took a time off studying to finally do a video and blog post on Influenster and I really didn't want to wait another week to finally do this since once of my hindrances in filming a video is my screaming niece and she isn't home today. I have also finally gotten myself a new SD Card so hooray to HD videos. I'm still trying to learn how to edit videos using Adobe Premier and since I still don't know how I'm currently using Windows Movie Maker which sucks because it makes the quality of my video bad. :( I'm planning to do more filming after I'm done with my exam probably more hauls and maybe I'll try my hand on makeup tutorials. 

Thanks to Jill of Aqua Knockout I learned about Influenster. Influenster is an online community wherein members unlock badges and depending on the unlocked, they will be qualified to receive a Voxbox (a set of products to test and review). They will also be given rewards and special promotions. In return, Influensters give honest feedback on the products they have receive through various social media. 

I am very lucky to be one of those who qualified for the first Voxbox of the year which is the Love Voxbox. Here are the products that were sent: Kiss Nail Dress - Ultimate Nail Fashion, Ghirardelli - Gourmet Milk Chocolate Creamy Devotion Bar, Gilette - Venus & Olay Razor, Stash Herbal Tea, and Truvia -  Natural Sweetener.

Here's the unboxing video:

I will be reviewing these products soon! One more week guys and I'll be back to normal blogging (writing blogs, replying on comments and follow backs). I'm on twitter most of the time so please follow me @joaniebunnie. In the meantime, please enjoy my queued blog post for the week. :) And please pray for me for my exams! Thanks! ^^


  1.'re so cute. You look very pretty in your vid and the vox box looks great. Good luck on your exams :)

  2. love inside the box and nice u get more vid in youtube...

  3. Wow.. that box is certainly special! I thought they ever only sent cosmetic and beauty products o.O

    And don't worry about the delays, haha. My videos suck big time - but everyone has to start from somewhere right!

  4. Great! I don't know these new box, but it seems so interessant isn't it? You have nice products! By the moment, I only try the Glossy Box! Thanks to share it!

    xoxo from M√ľnchen
    La Vie Quotidienne

  5. I love your video!

  6. Very cool I was selected too but its taking it's sweet time to get to Cali hopefully it will show up today!

  7. Good luck on the exams!
    This is such a nice box of goodies!

  8. This looks great, wish we could get Influenster in the UK. Good luck for your exams :) xx

  9. Oh wow this box is pretty cool, lots of lifestyle items ! I like the design of the nail stickers, and chocolate is always good :D

  10. I'd never heard of this box - but it looks like you had some good products in it :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx


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