Saturday, March 24, 2012

GEO Angel Series Circle Lens Review

This is probably the circle lens review that I am very excited to share with you guys because these are my favorite circle lenses: GEO Angel Series. I have tried 4 out of 5 colors in this series and I am really very happy with it.The only one I haven't tried is the purple and I usually can't find it with prescription since I have very bad eyesight.

 Angel Blue

Angel Brown

Angel Gray 

Angel Green
(I don't have a photo of the green lenses now since I had it more than a year ago and it ripped awhile back. I haven't gotten a replacement for it until now.)

The GEO Angel lenses, if I remember correctly was the first circle lenses that I purchased three years ago back when I was still living in the Philippines. You know how the circle lens craze in Asia was and at that time circle lenses was only making its way to our country. I've been wearing contact lenses since I was in high school and when I was in college I really wanted to try wearing these circle lenses that I always see on sale on local online shops and online networking sites. I caved in and purchased three of them at once to save on shipping plus there was a discount. My first pairs were GEO Angel Green, Gray and Brown.

I was so happy when I got them and these lenses got me started on wearing circle lenses. The GEO Angel lenses are so comfortable that I never had a problem wearing them. They don't irritate or dry my eyes since my eyes is not that sensitive.

I've said before in my GEO Fresh Circle Lens Review that I'm partial to brown and gray colored lenses because they look natural but the Angel Series puts out colored lenses that are natural looking as well. I was hesitant to wear my GEO Angel Green Lenses when I first got it because I was afraid it would look too vibrant and would stand out a lot but it caught me by surprise. In the case it looks bright but once you put it on in normal lighting and at a distance you wouldn't even notice the color. It looks dark and bold, and almost natural looking. Not until it hits the light and then you clearly notice the color. The Angel Blue is also very nice looking and whenever I wear the blue or green out most of the time people wouldn't really notice it unless they were already looking at my eyes. The brown and the gray looks very flattering too. When people do notice my eyes whenever I wear any of the lens colors I get compliments because they look good on me and not weird like how other lenses make you look.

The thick and dark outer ring gives a really nice dolly look. GEO Angel has a diameter of 14.5mm. It adds a nice subtle difference to the eyes that impacts how you look.

Angel Brown gives a warm feeling when you look at it, Angel Gray looks mysterious, Angel Blue and Green can be subtle but vibrant and piercing in the light. Oh, and the Angel Green pops out more if you were light colored tops with gold and coppery eye makeup. :)

All in all this is my favorite lenses and I give it a 10 out of 10. 

I personally purchased Angel Gray, Blue and Brown a few months ago at Angelcontacts (not sponsored).


  1. Okay, this is one inspiring post!!
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  2. The brown ones are particularly gorgeous and really suit you xx

  3. I've always liked these lenses but unfortunately I slept in my contacts all threw out high school and now I can no longer wear any because of the damage I did to them :( They look awesome on you the brown and grey do look a bit more natural!


  4. The Angel Blue ones particularly really look lovely on you :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  5. all colors look gorgeous on you but i love the angel blue and grey most especially!

  6. This one looks nice! : D : D They are very pretty!

  7. Wow! Amazing colours, the first is awesome!
    Follow you right now, pretty girl!

  8. ahh your eyes look pretty! it must be really amazing to have different colored eyes depending on your mood! im so afraid to use contact lenses! more circle ones!

    1. I can't stand wearing glasses outside of the house. I need to wear contact lenses when I'm out and about. Since I've been wearing contacts since high school my eyes feel "normal" when I use them, plus circle lenses are really pretty!

  9. pretty choices! btw, I'm a new follower ^_^
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  10. they all look really nice! i want to try them all, i really like gray lenses i've never thought of wearing green but they look really nice!

  11. These look so cool and natural. Your eyes are gorgeous btw!

  12. Thanks for sharing! ive been wearing lenses since high school too and I love wearing brown ones for night outs!! I must try this brand out!!

  13. Wow! very nice. I got it from and they give me 30% discount code "ilikemaplelens30".

  14. I saw you on Blog Hop!
    Love your posts:)

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  15. I've always wanted to try a pair of those, but have worried they would irritate my sensitive eyes. They look fantastic on you and make me interested in trying them out!

  16. The contacts look great! My favorite are the grey ones.

  17. What nail varnish are you wearing in the top two pictures, it's stunning.

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