Saturday, March 31, 2012

MIlani Haute Flash Lip Gloss Review

Haute Flash couldn't be a better name for this new Milani lip gloss product of 2012. I got all the 5 of the Haute Flash Lip Gloss as a prize for one of their MVP giveaways on twitter (@milanicosmetics). 

Haute Flash Full Coverage Shimmer Lip Gloss are gorgeous, highly opaque and pigmented with lots of shimmer, hence the shimmer in its name. The shades are named as follows: 101 Hot Flash (bright red), 102 Flashy (bright pink), 103 In A Flash (Purple), 105 Golden Flash (Brown/Nude), and 106 Quick Flash (Cool Pink).

Because this glosses are very opaque, I personally wouldn't even use this to top off a lipstick. You can definitely wear this on its own since it is full coverage. The consistency is thick but unlike other glosses it is not sticky. Though it is a gloss, I find that it gives me a feeling of drying lips. Like my lips look glossy and nice but my actual lips are dry. They are extremely shimmery so beware. The wand is long and reached the end of the bottle. The actual applicator tip is flexible that helps glide on the product pretty well on the lips. All shades have the same vanilla cupcake scent to it which is not really bothersome but it might smell sweet for others. For a gloss, it is pretty long lasting too.

So what do I really think about this product? Well, it is a really good product but it is not my cup of tea. If only these were matte or satin finishes are even just plain glossy I would really go for it however the shimmers put me off. Please don't think that I am ungrateful to Milani for sending me these products, I really am thankful to them for sending me these. But I could not just say that I love these glosses because I won them and got them for free. that would not be an honest review. I think that Milani should work on making the Haute Flash shimmer lip glosses more moisturizing. Other than that, I think this is a very good drugstore product. It is decently priced retails for $7.49 each and is available in the drugstores. 

I do hope that Milani would make a matte/satin version of these shimmer glosses that are more moisturizing. If they do that, I'm sure I would enjoy it and so would most girls. 

I don't think that I would be able to use these products so I think I would give them to a friend of mine who wanted it. I was thinking of putting them up for a future giveaway but since I already opened it and swatched all of them and tried on Hot Flash, I don't think you ladies would find it hygienic.

Still, thanks to Milani Cosmetics! Don't forget to follow them at twitter @milanicosmetics and at Facebook for future giveaways and info!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Sneekpeeq Winning from Silvana!

Excitingly won 4 giveaways in a span of a week around 3 weeks ago, one of them I've already blogged about (Blushing Thanks). Here's another one of my winnings, this time from beauty blogger, GlitzGlamBudget's Silvana. 

For her giveaway she had tied up with Sneekpeeq, a flash sale site that ranges from new and upcoming brands to well know brands that everyone loves. Best thing about the site is earning badges just for "peeqing" at item prices, liking and sharing the product/brand and giving you amazing discounts off the already sale items! The prize was a $25 credit for Sneekpeeq. 

A few days after I won her giveaway, I browsed through Sneekpeeq and found so many beautiful items on sale for really cheap! I had a lot of options but I was stuck on this DIY Photography Bokeh Masters Kit. If you don't know what Bokeh is, it's a Japanese word that means blur and is a technique that is popular to those who play around with photography and photoshop. The idea around this kit are the many different effects you can do with cut outs that you place over your camera lens. Anyway, I purchased this for free! It's exactly $25 and I have free shipping too so I paid nothing for it. However, the only downside was receiving it after 3 weeks. 

I do not own this photo - taken from DIY Photography

I love this kit! The kit includes cut out shapes that you can use in a lot of different ways and a few other blank circle cut outs that you can creatively make your own designs. It is best used with a 50mm lens so I have not really played around with it since I'm still waiting for my brother to bring around his telephoto lenses, plus there seems to be a lack of interesting lights around my area. I'm also waiting for a warmer weather so I can frolick on the streets at night and take cool shots with this kit. 

Thank you so much to Silvana! Go and give her a hi in her blog and told her I sent you. I believe she's having another giveaway right now so go check her out! :)

I will blog about the other two giveaway prizes in the next days.

Friday Beauty Deals: 3/30/12

 Lovely ladies! I have a few more deals going on for the weekend and the next week! :)) Many ladies have commented and messaged me about how these deals were very helpful to them so teaming up with Be Frugal, they delivered to me another beauty round up!  

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2.       Use this Sephora coupon to get a free 7 day sampler with any order (with code 7DAYS, expires 4/1/12). You can also earn 5.6% Cash Back for more savings.
3.       Save with a LovelySkin coupon for free shipping on any order (ongoing order). You can also earn 8% Cash Back for more savings.

4.       Get 20% off your $100+ order with this SpaLook coupon (with code WARM20, expires 4/9/12). You can also earn 7% Cash Back for more savings.
5.       Use this Tarte Cosmetics coupon for 10% off for new customers (ongoing offer). You can also earn 5% Cash Back for more savings. *Tarte also has a free lip gloss and free shipping with purchases $75 and up!*

Note: Cash Back rates can change from one day to the next. These rates were valid 3/28/2012.

Let me know if you like this beauty roundups to be a weekly thing and suggest your favorite beauty/skin care store that you want deals on. :) Members

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mini Sephora Haul and Quick Review

This was supposed to be included in my collective haul posted a few days ago but it was absolutely forgotten since I've purchased this way before Ulta. :( 

I just wanted to show you what I got from Sephora. It's not much but these are products I've wanted to buy for a long time and I think I got it for a pretty good deal. :)

I got the Benefit POREfessionally Pretty set which has a full sized Benefit Porefessional Primer, a deluxe sample size of Girl Meets Pearl and Erase Paste in Medium for only $31.

Quick Review: 
Benefit Porefessional is actually a really good primer. I've been dying to get a full size since I've tried the sample since it does minimize my pores however, upon using this for awhile I find that it does not do a great job of making my makeup last longer. 

Girl Meets Pearl is a pearly golden pink liquid highlighter. I am very happy with this highlighter. I have been extremely fond of highlighting as of late and though this is a liquid highlighter it is fairly easy to use and blend out. It's not extremely frosty and bright and it catches the light perfectly. 

Erase Paste in Medium is definitely not my color! It is too light and pink. I think I'll stick with my Boiiing Concealer. Consistency of Erase Paste is much thicker than Boiing which I'm not sure if I hate or love. 

In this Sephora haul I also got the Sephora Lush Flush Lip and Cheek Stain in 02 Pinot that retails at $12.

Quick Review:
Sephora Lush Flush Lip and Cheek Stain is in a tube package and unexpectedly in a gel form. I thought it would be a liquid stain but it's a gel and has a doe foot applicator. I like it as a cheek stain but my main purpose for buying it was as a lip stain but I don't think it's as good as liquid lip stains. 

Smashbox Iconic Eyes Palette was up on sale for $10. I checked Sephora online again for this palette and sadly it's not up anymore. I would make a separate review post on this one with more photos and swatches. :)

I hope you enjoyed this mini haul and quick review on the items.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Clarisonic Mia Review

Ladies! I know most have been waiting for this review and it has been highly requested since I posted it up on my haul more than a month ago. I am finally ready to review the Mia and I think I have tested it out well for the past month.

I think the Mia is a fantastic cleansing tool. It has been part of my nighttime cleansing routine for the the past month and I even used it twice a day on the first week I got it. I eventually used it only at night or after I remove my makeup since using it twice a day really dries out the skin. 

Initial charging time for the Clarisonic Mia is 24 hours. Really long but it's okay, not a big deal. Regular charging time is 18 hours but it isn't that bad since the battery lasts for a good 2 weeks. 

The Clarisonic Mia that I have comes with a sensitive brush head which is really soft and gentle on the skin. It is not abrasive as most think it is. Some complains about the vibrating noise of the Mia but it is a lot quieter than my spin toothbrush. It is waterproof so it is great to use during shower time - this is actually my favorite feature of the Mia. 

According to the manual, the Mia should be used 20 seconds on the forehead, 10 for each cheek, and 20 on the nose and chin. It automatically shuts off at 60 seconds of use. While I think this is a nice way of not over cleaning your face I don't really mind this feature. Sometimes I even find it annoying that it shuts off automatically especially if I wanted to focus more on my chin area where I always get my occasional pimples. Plus, I do use the Mia on my decollete area so I do need more time for that. 

The Mia is amazing when it comes to cleaning the face. I used to just use my hands and cleanser to clean my face after removing my makeup but Mia cleans everything so thoroughly. I used to believe that my hands and cleanser can do the job removing all my makeup but I was wrong. When I first got my Mia I put it right to the test. I removed my full face of makeup, scrubbed my face using my hands and cleanser and rinsed with water. I then used the Mia and cleanser and to my surprise, foundation was still present on my face and transferred onto the brush head. After my first use of the Mia, I noticed a slight difference in my face, it appears much brighter. I felt thoroughly clean and fresh. So that settled it, Mia officially became my cleansing partner.

I don't have bad acne, I have occasional breakouts especially when my hormones are on overdrive. I also didn't go through the purging phase which some had to go through. When I started using the Mia I had post acne hyperpigmentation on my chin which had developed only 4 days ago. It usually disappears after a really long 3-4weeks but when I started using the Mia it cleared in a little over a week. Though I can't really say that it made my skin flawless. For the past month that I used the Mia I still got my occasional pimples. I also have big pores and several whiteheads on my nose and that really bothers me. Other Mia reviews said that it minimizes pores, blackheads and whiteheads. I don't find this to be true as well since my pores and whiteheads are still present and does not look smaller or fewer than they were before.  

Though Mia is an exceptional cleansing tool, it also needs to be paired with products that works great with your skin and a really good facial routine. Even if I have an effective facial routine before I used Mia I think that they don't help showcase Mia's potential of clearing my skin problems like reduce the size and number of pores and white heads and improve my skin tone. I believe that if I find the right products to go with the Mia in my routine I would see a lot of improvement on my skin and affirm other review claims.

Every person is different and of course, the products that worked well for one will not work for everyone. Those who claimed that Mia improved their skin tone, reduced pores, blackheads, whiteheads and cleared pimples are those who have found really good skincare product partners for their Mia. I am still looking for the right products to go with it and I think I'm on the right track. I'll give an update on the Mia and a skincare routine once I find my Holy Grail skincare items. 

Overall the Mia is quite a good investment for a clean, brighter and fresh skin. I must admit that on the first week I used it I wanted to ship it back since I didn't see the results I wanted but upon religiously using it, I changed my mind and thought that it was worth the price. I really enjoy using my Mia and after having it, I'm not going back to using just my hands on cleaning my face. 

Ooops! So much for my brief review. Anyway I do hope you like my review on it. If you have any questions about the Mia or my experience with it please leave a comment down below. I would gladly answer it. :)

Monday, March 26, 2012


I've been wanting to get second ear piercings for quite a long time now and I've also considered getting a wrist tattoo but I now have a firm resolve that I wouldn't go through the latter. I'm a blood donor so I don't want to get a tat and not be able to donate blood in the future because some hospitals/Red Cross doesn't allow a person with a tattoo to donate. 

Anyway, I finally got down to business and had gotten my ears pierced a week ago. I had my ears pierced at Claire's since it was easily accessible and they have nice earring choices for their starter kit and at a good price too. Getting my ears pierced was a stress reliever. I got my cartilage pierced on my right ear and one on the lobe just above my first one on the left ear.

I chose the stainless steel 4mm CZ; cross dangling earrings are from Forever21

Let me walk you through the procedure at Claire's before I tell you about my actual piercing experience. Claire's sales personnel are all trained in ear piercing. When you go in, ask them about their ear piercing and their starter kit since not all branches have it. They will ask you for an ID. If you're a minor, take a guardian with you to sign the consent forms. It basically states that you agree to get your ears pierced. :) Next, you choose your earring and then whoever does the piercing will don gloves, clean your ears and ready the instrument. Claire's uses a piercing gun with sterilized earring cartridges of  whatever choice of earrings you want, no it does not look scary at all. Oh, there's a $3 additional in your fee for cartilage piercing.

Every person has a different pain tolerance level. When the lady pierced my lobe I felt a slight discomfort that felt like someone pinched me hard. The feeling after a few seconds was gone and it didn't bother me. The cartilage piercing was slightly more painful than the lobe. On the scale of 1-10 probably a 2. Unlike the dissipation of pain on my lobe after a few seconds of being pierced, the pain on my pierced cartilage lasted a good 30 seconds or so and then there was numbness. After the piercing, the personnel will teach you how to clean and disinfect the piercing. It was really a bit hard to sleep on the sides for a good 3 days but as long as I don't touch both piercings it doesn't hurt a bit. The discomfort, even when I touched it, was completely gone after 5 days.

Care for the ear piercings and other reminders are given by the personnel who assisted you after the procedure. In their starter kit package not only do you get a nice pair of earrings of your choice and cleanly pierced ears but you also get a disinfectant solution for piercing care along with a 20% off coupon for your next Claire's purchase.

The lady who did my ears was very friendly  so I felt comfortable about the whole thing.  It was a really good experience and I'm quite happy with it.  Unlike tattoos that I might later regret in life, piercings are much easier to get rid of. I'm actually looking forward to getting my belly button pierced but I think I'll do it when I have a flatter tummy to boast. :))

Shout out to Alliyah of Claire's Newport Mall, NJ! Thanks!

Share with me you piercing experience!

Oh and before I forget, I'm joining this week's Blog Hop at BlogLoveTherapy! It's a great way of discovering blogs! ^^ Have fun!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blushing Thanks!

Lovely Kathy from The Knit Collector had a 150 follower collab giveaway with her close friend Fee from Blush Jewellery. It was an international giveaway straight from Melbourne, Australia and I surprisingly won! 

The prize was my favorite chosen piece from Blush Jewellery Collection. They have some very nice pieces and I had a hard time choosing one for my entry but I settled on the Faith JY Bracelet. I love crosses as accessory pieces and yes, I'm Catholic and I think crosses are nice jewelry pieces as long as it doesn't go overboard or you disgrace it. 

Thank you so much to Kathy and Fee for this wonderful bracelet they sent me. 

She sent me a red colored cross with black and silver beads which looks so awesome!

Check out more of their trendy and chic handmade jewelries at Blush Jewellery Shop. I also love both fashion styles of Kathy and Fee in their blogs so go and take a peek at their personal blogs (links above). :)) 

Much love and thanks, 

PS: I know I've been winning giveaways lately and I promise I will have one of my own for you guys too in the future. Please be patient with me. I really do appreciate all of you my dear followers and readers! :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

GEO Angel Series Circle Lens Review

This is probably the circle lens review that I am very excited to share with you guys because these are my favorite circle lenses: GEO Angel Series. I have tried 4 out of 5 colors in this series and I am really very happy with it.The only one I haven't tried is the purple and I usually can't find it with prescription since I have very bad eyesight.

 Angel Blue

Angel Brown

Angel Gray 

Angel Green
(I don't have a photo of the green lenses now since I had it more than a year ago and it ripped awhile back. I haven't gotten a replacement for it until now.)

The GEO Angel lenses, if I remember correctly was the first circle lenses that I purchased three years ago back when I was still living in the Philippines. You know how the circle lens craze in Asia was and at that time circle lenses was only making its way to our country. I've been wearing contact lenses since I was in high school and when I was in college I really wanted to try wearing these circle lenses that I always see on sale on local online shops and online networking sites. I caved in and purchased three of them at once to save on shipping plus there was a discount. My first pairs were GEO Angel Green, Gray and Brown.

I was so happy when I got them and these lenses got me started on wearing circle lenses. The GEO Angel lenses are so comfortable that I never had a problem wearing them. They don't irritate or dry my eyes since my eyes is not that sensitive.

I've said before in my GEO Fresh Circle Lens Review that I'm partial to brown and gray colored lenses because they look natural but the Angel Series puts out colored lenses that are natural looking as well. I was hesitant to wear my GEO Angel Green Lenses when I first got it because I was afraid it would look too vibrant and would stand out a lot but it caught me by surprise. In the case it looks bright but once you put it on in normal lighting and at a distance you wouldn't even notice the color. It looks dark and bold, and almost natural looking. Not until it hits the light and then you clearly notice the color. The Angel Blue is also very nice looking and whenever I wear the blue or green out most of the time people wouldn't really notice it unless they were already looking at my eyes. The brown and the gray looks very flattering too. When people do notice my eyes whenever I wear any of the lens colors I get compliments because they look good on me and not weird like how other lenses make you look.

The thick and dark outer ring gives a really nice dolly look. GEO Angel has a diameter of 14.5mm. It adds a nice subtle difference to the eyes that impacts how you look.

Angel Brown gives a warm feeling when you look at it, Angel Gray looks mysterious, Angel Blue and Green can be subtle but vibrant and piercing in the light. Oh, and the Angel Green pops out more if you were light colored tops with gold and coppery eye makeup. :)

All in all this is my favorite lenses and I give it a 10 out of 10. 

I personally purchased Angel Gray, Blue and Brown a few months ago at Angelcontacts (not sponsored).

Friday, March 23, 2012

Everyday Spring Makeup Look

As promised, I will do more makeup looks. First up is one of my everyday makeup looks. It's simple, soft looking and fresh. And yes, despite the contouring, I can't hide the fact that my face is rounder. I went crazy eating while I was preparing for my exam so I gained a few pounds. I'm currently working on shedding the weight I gained.  

This look can be achieved in 15 minutes or less! :)

Revlon ColorStay Foundation in Fresh Beige - applied with my favorite Sigmax F80 brush
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium 
NYC Sunny Bronzer - contoured my cheeks, jaw and forehead,
Urban Decay Buck - contoured my nose
NYX Cream Blush in Glow - applied and blended with the Sigmax F82 - of course you can also use your fingers to apply this, I just prefer to use the brush
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Soft and Gentle - with a clean finger, apply down the center of the nose and lightly blend out

Wet n Wild Brow Kit

Urban Decay Bootycall - with a clean finger, apply all over the lid and on the inner corner of the eyes
Urban Decay Naked - with a blending brush, apply on the outer V and the crease and blend out
Urban Decay Foxy - apply on the brow bone with a clean finger
Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Black - with an eyeliner brush, line thinly the upper lash line, wing out as you like
NYX Iced Mocha Eyeshadow - apply on the bottom lash line with a smudge brush
Urban Decay Blackout - this optional, with a smudge brush, soften the gel liner by smudging this on top of it.
Maybelline The Falsies Flared

MAC Viva Glam Nicki - dab on the lips and blend out with your finger

That's it. This is one of my everyday spring looks. It is easy and refreshing. Hope you liked it!

Save on Shopping!

As a shopping addict and beauty blogger, I always want to lessen the dent in my pockets from all the shopping that I do. Coupons and saving deals are always the best way to go. It is usually so easy to find these coupons that helps you save more and gives you free gifts on your purchase as well but it's much better when we receive a cash back right? 

Save when you buy skincare
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4.       Save with a Sephora coupon to get $30 off Philosophy Hope in a Jar & Eye Hope Duo-A (with code HOPEDUO, expires 4/23/12). You can also earn 5.6% Cash Back for more savings.

5.       Save with a Bath & Body Works coupon for 20% off any order (with code FRESH20, expires 3/31/12). You can also earn 5% Cash Back for more savings.

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I hope this helps you my dear lovely readers to save on some shopping expenditures. Happy shopping! :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Influenster LoveVoxBox: Kiss Nail Dress Review

Kiss Nail Dress is one of those products that came with my Influenster LoveVoxBox. This is second product that I have been most keen to try out since it's an instant nail fix without waiting for drying time. 

For those of you who don't know what the Kiss Nail Dress are, it's a stick on nail design. These stick on nail designs are becoming more popular since most women are always on the go. We sometimes lack the time to pamper ourselves to a nice manicure and pedicure, let alone nail art. Now, with products like the Kiss Nail Dress, it's more convenient, efficient and fast to have nice looking, salon done nails. 

I know there are lots of products and brands similar to Kiss Nail Dress but I think Kiss topples them over. Kiss Nail Dress have 28 design strips in one pack for a retail price of $6.99 and is available at major drugstores. That's pretty good considering the pros of this product, plus it lasts a really good time. With me who is rough with my nails and doing all sorts of chores around the house while I had them on, it lasted me for a good 5 days with no chipping. It would last a a good 5 more days if you do office work and such. 

Kiss Nail Dress have several unique designs and some of them are jeweled. I got the KDS11 Nail Dress Design in my LoveVoxbox and here are two of my manis. I have yet to do them on my feet but I have a lot more of the stickers to pamper my toenails.

In the first mani, my pointer finger had the Nail Dress as an accent just to give it a nice flair. On my second mani, the Nail Dress really stood out since it's only on my middle finger and used as an accent too. 

I am looking forward in doing more designs with my Kiss Nail Dress and I would definitely pick more of this  up in the drugstore! :)

Any of you guys tried the Kiss Nail Dress?

Influenster LoveVoxBox: Stash Tea Review

Today I would be reviewing one of my favorite product from my Influenster LoveVoxBox, Stash Tea. I have said this in my unboxing of my Influenster LoveVoxBox and it's accompanying post that I am not really a tea person. I only drink tea once in a while or when I'm in a dimsum restaurant and only tea is offered. Green tea is my preference but it all changed when I tried the 9 different flavors of Stash Tea.

Sorry for my lack of pictures but I completely forgot to take a picture of the tea bags before I tried all of them. 

Each bag of Stash Tea is made of 100% herbal ingredients. This is what health nuts have been looking for in a tea. It is fragrant, yummy and good for the body. It's caffeine free too so it doesn't keep you awake when you drink it at night. In fact, in my experience, drinking it at night has a calming and soothing effect and it helps me sleep soundly.

I must also admit that I don't drink tea without sugar or sweetener but I tried one bag of Stash Tea, I believe it was the Acai Berry, alone without any sweetener and it tastes really good. The sampler box has 9 flavors of Stash Tea: Acai Berry, Blueberry Superfruit, Chamomile, Cinnamon Apple Chamomile, Lemon Ginger, Licorice Spice, Mango Passionfruit, Peppermint and Wild Raspberry Hibiscus. I love the berry flavors but among all of them my favorite would be the Wild Raspberry Hibiscus. My least would be the Lemon Ginger and Licorice Spice. Both flavors are good but it doesn't sit well with my taste buds. 

Anyway, the tea sampler box of Stash Tea contains two of each flavor that makes it 18 tea bags in one box, which I think is quite generous of Stash Tea and Influenster to give away to try for free to us Influensters. And for a person who really doesn't have much affinity with teas except for occasional drinks and detoxification, Stash Tea made me start drinking tea at a regular basis, which is every morning and it has been extremely good to my body. My bowel movement is more regular, and my body feels energized when I start the day with a tea. Drinking Stash Tea is both refreshing and calming. 

This is one of those products that I would never buy for myself to try but now that I have tried it and liked it I really would like to repurchase it. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Haul: Ulta & Drugstore

Hello lovelies! I'm finally back. :) Thank you for the continuous support on my blog via comments on my queued blog posts these past weeks. I am now going to reply to the comments and follow back new followers. It might take time though to get back at all of you but I will! :)

Here's a mini haul for you lovely readers. Since I've been quite busy I haven't really shopped. My first haul came from Ulta which I ordered online. 

I got two Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Medium Beige in Fresh Beige since I cannot find a shade that really matches me in Revlon foundations but I really love the formula. I got three NYX powder blushes: Mocha, Pinches and Summer Peach - swatches coming up soon! :) I got a NYX single shadow in Iced Mocha and another NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Lime. Lastly, a Physician's Formula Conceal Rx Concealer in Natrual Light. For samplers, I chose the Oscar Blandi Shine Rinse, a Biore Cleanser and an Escada Rockin Rio.

I have been obsessed lately with the new and improved Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Color and got three more shades from the drugstore. I picked up 208B Through the Grapevine, 205B Sugar Coat, and 213C On a Trip. 

The weather is getting warmer! Are you ready to rock spring and summer trends? Let me know what you think of my haul and of the spring season! :))

Thursday, March 15, 2012

NYX Black Label Lipstick Review: Brick

Finally a NYX Lipstick that I love! Well, as you might read in a review of mine how bummed I was about the NYX Round Lipstick in Stella that I ordered a few weeks back. I decided not to give up on NYX and their lip products so I went ahead and gave their Black Label Lipstick a try. I was going to place an order for two shades but after experiencing such a disappointment with Stella I thought I might as well just order one... just in case I don't like the formula again.

Boy was I surprised at how well this sexy lip color works! This is NYX Black Label Lipstick in Brick. It is a very warm red orange shade that is very creamy and pigmented. Unlike Stella which was splotchy and just a blah, this is absolutely amazing. It is a creme finish lipstick and I am very happy about that since I am not fond of glittery and frosty lips. I very much prefer my matte and creme lippies. This is so perfect for summer and spring. I can already see myself wearing this a lot. This compliments my skin tone so well too! And I believe that this would also be beautiful with my tan skin in the summer. 

The packaging is also really nice since the bottom shows the color of the product and the top of the cap states the name. This is very convenient for storage purposes. The design for the case is also very pretty and classy with black and gunmetal lace design. 

I don't want to drag this into a long review so overall this is a huge leap from the only NYX Round Lipstick I have. Now that I am absolutely loving this lippie I might start to build up my collection of NYX Black Label Lipsticks instead of my Estee Lauder Lipstick Collection. Oh, with that said, I think the formula for the Black Label Lipstick is very comparable to the Estee Lauder Lipsticks which is very rich, creamy and pigmented.

For those who have found Round Lipsticks to be a miss or for those who love the Round Lipsticks but is looking for an upgrade, I highly recommend the Black Label Lipstick.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Swatches

Hello lovelies! I hope you're all having a fine day... and if you're not, well, let's add some color in your life by viewing swatches of these NYX Ultra Pearl Mania pigments I recently got. I had a few requests from some readers that they want to see swatches of the pigments.

Happily indulging the ladies, here are the swatches of the five NYX Ultra Pearl Mania that I have: Purple, Lilac, Yellow Gold, Space Pearl and Turquoise.

I absolutely love how vibrant they are on top of MAC Fix + (yes, I did spray on Fix + before applying them to the back of my hand).

I hope you liked this short post of mine on the swatches of the NYX Ultra Pearl Mania pigments. :))