Friday, February 10, 2012

Dress Picks for VDay: Dinner Dates & Parties

Are you single and badly want to mingle this Valentine's Day? Or are you taken and want to be sexy for your man on a nice date and party? I got a few picks on sexy dresses that I found at EdenFantasys that will surely make a guy drool and I bet he won't take his eyes off you.

I've been perusing the website a few times, trying to see what's nice and appropriate for me since the site is an adult shop and contains adult toys and stuff. I came across lovely dresses that is really sexy and appropriate for parties and night outs. I seem to think that the upcoming holiday for couples is the best time to go out and buy them since I believe there are available deals and promos on the site for Valentines.

Here's my first pick, a nice one piece dress with flowy, butterfly sleeves and pencil skirt. It reminds me of me red and black dress that I wore for a party two years ago. The style and color of the dress gives a classy look that can be worn out to a dinner date. You can find the link to this dress here.

The next one is this lovely purple, one shoulder dress - a very sexy Greco-Roman style. This is also available in white and red. This is a really gorgeous, flattering piece of dress. It has a rhinestone piece on the shoulder that adds bling and elegance. You can find this dress here.

The next piece is for those ladies who likes wearing animal print clothes. It is a black and gold, leopard print dress, with one 3/4 length puff sleeve. I don't particularly think that I can pull this off if I wear it but I still think this is a really sexy piece. It is a statement dress and if you could pull this off, then you go girl!

My last pick is this black one shoulder dress. You could never go wrong with a LBD! You could wear this dress anywhere, dress it up or dress it down. What's even more special about this particular dress is that it's reversible. You can find this dress here.

Now you know that EdenFantasys is just not an adult shop but also a great site to shop for dresses and lingerie. I believe they have free express delivery in time for Valentine's day for orders $59 up.

Since I'll be staying home on Valentine's day, with my boyfriend thousands of miles away from me... I'll just pine for these dresses and hope that I'll be wearing one of these when I visit back home and we go party again - just like old times. 

Happy Valentine's Day ladies! Hope you and your man have a wonderful day or if you're single, well, enjoy the day with yourself and lady friends! Pamper yourself, feel good and always smile. You just don't know who falls for that lovely smile of yours! :)

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store


  1. I love the animal's bold and funky : ) perfect for a great date!

    1. i bet you could really pull this look off. :)

  2. not really my style but they are really cute. wish i had the figure to wear those! xx

    My Blog: Boho Vanity

  3. i love the reversible dress!
    the red side is perfect for valentines day ^_^

  4. the purple one is my favourite!! I wouldn't mind wearing on a random night out!

  5. love the leopard print dress! ^-^
    great post! <3

  6. Cute dresses I really love the last one! It looks great in both colors and is so fun for a sexy night out.

    xo erica

  7. Thank you so much for the lovely comment, i'm following you too now (:

  8. Cute dresses and you have a great blog here! Can't wait to read more. Let's follow each other. Following you now. Follow back. :)

    Love, Shoua

  9. they are both very sexy dress. the last photo that i like the most there...cute

  10. I like the first dress.
    I also would like to invite you to check out my Valentine's Giveaway of 2 mini china glaze nail polishes.

  11. Those dresses are amazing!! I love the first one and there is something so special about the one with animal print on it.) So fierce.

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  12. Those top 2 dresses are ALL Me! Your blog is amazing, love it!


  13. I love dresses 2, 4, and 5. They are so cute. I love your blog. Thanks for following.

  14. thank you soo much!
    love your blog , love the dress with the leopard print on it!

  15. You have got one of the best blogs I have seen recently.Creativity of any kind always attracts me and you are a masterpiece in that.Thanks for sharing so much. I am definitely following you.

  16. I'm in love with the animalier dress! *w*
    Thank you for your lovely comment! (:

  17. hiii
    The collar of the first picture is a spectacle
    pretty much the same
    : D

  18. WOOOO great blog! LOVE! I am totally following you too now!! It's fantastic!

  19. Gorgeous dresses! That first one and leopard especially, I like them :)

    Indie by Heart

  20. Great picks. I actually used to work for an Adult novelty store that sold lingerie and dresses like this most of them are made by a company called Forplay they are great quality and I actually have 3 of them myself! :) You can sometimes catch their dresses on sale for great prices I don't think I've paid over $30 for one of them they usually go on sale pretty quick because they are always making new styles. Here's there site

    1. Thanks I'll go and check them out. I think I've seen the same brand at Eden and if they do have anything from that brand that I like maybe I'll get one. I am saving some gift certificates from the site for doing these sponsored blog posts. :)

    2. Oh I just checked it at Eden, the purple dress above in my post is actually from the brand you mentioned! :)

  21. That leopard print dress is fantastic!

    xo Jennifer


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