Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Collective Haul: Sephora, Forever21, Drugstore, Bath & Body Works

Yay to another collective haul. I've gotten such an overwhelming response to my previous collective haul posts that I decided to do them at least once a month, depending on the things I've bought and was given or sent.

Disclaimer: This is not some sort of bragging. I just wanted to share with you the items that I got and perhaps give you inspiration for your own shopping list. :)

A few weeks back, my mom got me this Sephora Collection Pro Lesson Palette in Natural Eyes. I haven't tried it yet but I will do a review on it when I do.

Another product that I was so happy to receive was the Clarisonic Mia in Turquoise which I am loving so much. I have decided to do a month-long test on it and have been taking note of it's effect on my skin. I will definitely get back with you with a review on it once I finish the 30 day experience.

There were so many fab items at Forever21 that's on sale but I picked out mostly essentials so I got 2 knit tank tops: a light heather gray and a cream, 2 tees: a black and ivory, a fitted scoop neck dress in black, a cropped tee with "Heavenly" print, a chiffon blouse in mint, a tennis shoe in green, taupe thong sandals and a cute love necklace. I am so ready for spring and summer with these items. I need some shorts and colored skinnies too! Definitely on my shopping list for next time.

I'm too lazy to go downstairs and take a picture of the actual shoes since I wore them once already. :)

From Walgreens, I hauled a Wet n Wild MegaLast Nail Color in Wet Cement, a Maybelline Colossal Waterproof in Extreme Black and a copy of March 2012 Vogue with Adele - I love her!

Lastly, from Bath & Body Works, I took advantage of their 4 for $15 for antibacterial handsoaps. I grabbed Caribbean Escape, Paradise Coconut, Mango Mai Tai, and Japanese Cherry Blossom. I love Bath and Body Works! I should've grabbed two more for 6 for $20 but I think I'm alright for now. I keep a stash of these for deep cleaning my makeup brushes. On that note, I also have an upcoming post about how I  deep clean my makeup brushes since I do something a little different from what the other beauty gurus do.

So how do you like my haul? :) What Rebecca Said is hosting a Blog Hop so please check it out and find yourself immersed in new blogs and Blog Love Therapy is hosting a Twitter Hop this week too.

Oh, and ladies, I might be going off the radar for 2 weeks. I might not be able to follow anyone back or reply to your comments but I have queued a number of blog posts for the coming days. I will be having my  exam on the 16th and I am nowhere near prepared so I have to devote my time really studying and not slacking. I hope you understand and continue to support my blog. I promise that once I finish my test I will be doing more makeup looks as many have requested. 


  1. I love bath and body handsoaps. They last forever and smell so nice, all the time :) Looking fwd to your review on the makeup palette :)

  2. Hi Joanne,

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blog Award. Go check it out!


  3. There's nothing wrong will bragging. I do it all the time haha!



  4. Great haul!! Would love to see the reviews :)

  5. I've read that same Vogue issue with Adele on the cover and I liked all her photographs! Gorgeous gorgeous woman :)

  6. I love your haul. Hey regarding that Wet N Wild polish, only complaint is I feel it never truly dries...hmm...always pretty pliable. I've been eyeing the clarisonic for a very long time, please let us know ASAP how it works on you. Good luck with exams!


  7. great haul!! I am also a fan of forever21! everytime I visit their online store ( there's no forever21 store here in germany ) I end up in despair,wanting to buy everything >.<

  8. Those are great products. I'm pretty interested in the pro palette and it'd be great if you did a complete review on it when you're done experimenting with it :D


  9. The Shirts are looking awesome <3
    great decision.


  10. this haul is super cute:), I have stretch marks...everywhere, and my complection is glow-in-the-dark, so they are way more obvious! but that lotion is great! following you too:)

  11. What a great haul! I'm very interested in the Clarisonic product! So I'll be looking forward to your update on that! :)


  12. Great goodies.


  13. i love that emerald blouse...so pretty...and oh my goodness!! bath and body works! that's got to be one of my favorite stores, I can't walk out of there without buying something...my favorite is black rasberry vanilla cream and moonlight magic :)
    xoxo Stephi

  14. Nice haul! You bought some great things!

    xo Marie

  15. Would like to try the clarisonic, have heard good things about it.

    Good luck with the exam! xx

  16. Maybelline Colossal is my favorite mascara in the world. Good luck on your exam!

  17. Thanks for taking part in my blog hop lovely! :D I really want to get the clarisonic mia! :)

    whatrebeccasaid.blogspot.com xx

  18. Awesome haul, a lot of great things. Like that green sheer button up. And the clarisonic can't wait to hear your reviews on it. I've been dying to try it.


  19. what a great haul!!! cant wait to read your review on the sephora neutral eye and sonic skin cleansing system.. It has such mixed reviews.


  20. Cool stuff! Love your shoes:)

  21. wish u showed what the pro palette looked like! will just wait when you do the review cuz x

  22. That mint green shirt is so beautiful! XX

  23. I love the shoes! I'm all for comfortable, classic shoes in pretty colors. Love!

    1. i think i'm going to get more of those shoes in different colors. they are so cute and comfy!

  24. Hi my dear,
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  25. I am sure you are gonna love your Clarisonic :-) I bought mine about a month ago now and my skin is so much better! I went through a bit of a skin purging phase for about a week but after that was baby smooth skin hehe xo

  26. love all of your choices!!!such a lovely post!!

    thank you for following...i 'm doing likewise...your blog is amazing!!!hope you keep in touch!!!

    a kiss from the

  27. you've found some lovely buys :) can't wait to read more about the clarisonic mia, it looks really interesting! i'm your new follower, love your blog :)

  28. thanks for the comment hon!! and of course!! its a pleasure to follow back :D


  29. You'll LOVE your Clarisonic :D I guarantee it ^^
    One thing though, is that I found once a day, instead of twice a day is better on my skin. Once a day made it feel raw and overexfoliated .. if thats a word. So yeah if you ever find that its irritating definitely cut back and it should do the trick!

    wunbun.blogspot.com <3

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    here's the link:

    hope you'll drop by and join! have a great day!

    x o x o

  31. i love your tshirts!!


  32. I have that same exact green blouse but in light blue! I love the style of the shirt :)

  33. Nice t-shirt! <3



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