Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Collective Haul: Sephora, Forever21, Drugstore, Bath & Body Works

Yay to another collective haul. I've gotten such an overwhelming response to my previous collective haul posts that I decided to do them at least once a month, depending on the things I've bought and was given or sent.

Disclaimer: This is not some sort of bragging. I just wanted to share with you the items that I got and perhaps give you inspiration for your own shopping list. :)

A few weeks back, my mom got me this Sephora Collection Pro Lesson Palette in Natural Eyes. I haven't tried it yet but I will do a review on it when I do.

Another product that I was so happy to receive was the Clarisonic Mia in Turquoise which I am loving so much. I have decided to do a month-long test on it and have been taking note of it's effect on my skin. I will definitely get back with you with a review on it once I finish the 30 day experience.

There were so many fab items at Forever21 that's on sale but I picked out mostly essentials so I got 2 knit tank tops: a light heather gray and a cream, 2 tees: a black and ivory, a fitted scoop neck dress in black, a cropped tee with "Heavenly" print, a chiffon blouse in mint, a tennis shoe in green, taupe thong sandals and a cute love necklace. I am so ready for spring and summer with these items. I need some shorts and colored skinnies too! Definitely on my shopping list for next time.

I'm too lazy to go downstairs and take a picture of the actual shoes since I wore them once already. :)

From Walgreens, I hauled a Wet n Wild MegaLast Nail Color in Wet Cement, a Maybelline Colossal Waterproof in Extreme Black and a copy of March 2012 Vogue with Adele - I love her!

Lastly, from Bath & Body Works, I took advantage of their 4 for $15 for antibacterial handsoaps. I grabbed Caribbean Escape, Paradise Coconut, Mango Mai Tai, and Japanese Cherry Blossom. I love Bath and Body Works! I should've grabbed two more for 6 for $20 but I think I'm alright for now. I keep a stash of these for deep cleaning my makeup brushes. On that note, I also have an upcoming post about how I  deep clean my makeup brushes since I do something a little different from what the other beauty gurus do.

So how do you like my haul? :) What Rebecca Said is hosting a Blog Hop so please check it out and find yourself immersed in new blogs and Blog Love Therapy is hosting a Twitter Hop this week too.

Oh, and ladies, I might be going off the radar for 2 weeks. I might not be able to follow anyone back or reply to your comments but I have queued a number of blog posts for the coming days. I will be having my  exam on the 16th and I am nowhere near prepared so I have to devote my time really studying and not slacking. I hope you understand and continue to support my blog. I promise that once I finish my test I will be doing more makeup looks as many have requested. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

KPop Inspired: CL (2NE1)

As my avid readers might have known, I love KPop and on the top of that list is 2NE1. This girl group surely know their music and fashion and has been crowned by MTVIggy as the Best New Band in the World before 2011 came to an end. Watch out for their US album produced by Will.I.Am to come out this year.

Today, well actually yesterday (February 26 in Korea), was the birthday of 2NE1's leader, CL and as a tribute I recreated her makeup in their music video of Can't Nobody with the help of screen caps and Jen of Frmheadtotoe at Youtube.

Here's the look:

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer in Creamy Beige - since this is too light for me, but has amazing coverage, I applied it first before the foundation; I applied it under my eyes, around my nose and mouth
Revlon ColorStay Foundation in Medium Beige 
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
NYC Sunny Bronzer - contour the cheeks
Estee Lauder Blush in 11 Nude Rose

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Buck

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original
Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Charcoal - outline the shape of the eye and fill it in, do the same for the bottom lash line making the inner corner of the eye defined and pointed (I know mine is not even in the photos - one is pointier than the other and I only noticed after taking the photos!)
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Creep - with a flat shader brush, pat this shadow on top of the gel liner to set it and to deepen the color
Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Blackest Black - Line the bottom lash line to intensify the color; also line the upper and lower waterline
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Blackout - with a smudge brush, light smudge the black liner on the bottom lash line to soften the look
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Turquoise Pearl and Yellow Gold Pearl - spray MAC Fix + or any mixing medium on the back of your hand and mix the two pigments together to achieve a lime green shadow (since I don't have any intense lime green liner or shadow), with an eyeliner brush, line the inner third of your bottom lash line
False lashes - apply criss cross demi lashes (I forgot the kind of lashes I'm wearing since I don't have the box anymore)
Maybelline Falsies Black Drama Waterproof 

Wet n Wild MegaLast Lipstick in 909D Coraline - since I can't find my lip tint, I used a lipstick; apply on the center of the lips, rub the lips together and blend out with your finger so that you get a nice gradient

Hope you like this look!  Oh, I also did a Park Bom of 2NE1 makeup look a few months ago, you can check it out here

I'm attaching the English Version of 2NE1's Can't Nobody MV. 

Tell me what KPop inspired look should I do next. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Recreate This: Nicki Minaj Viva Glam Promo Ad

Hello ladies! Thank you so much for the overwhelming response on my post on the Viva Glam Nicki lipsitick. Since I got the lippie I've been wanting to recreate Nicki's look in the promo ad for MAC Viva Glam toger with Ricky Martin.

I tried my best in recreating her look and this is the closest that I could get. As I don't have a bright eye shadow collection, I resulted to using my e.l.f. 144 Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette and mixed certain colors to achieve the look. My lighting kinda suck in the photos but I hope you all like it! :)

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation in Natural Beige
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles in Medium
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
Clinique Bronzer in Sunkissed
MAC Mineralize Blush in Dainty
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Soft and Gentle - highlight the nose, top of the cheekbone, Cupid's bow, forehead

NYX Eyeshadow in Rootbeer

Urban Decay Primer Potion Original
NYX Jumbo Pencil - Milk - use as base, put all over the lid and below the bottom lash line and bl;end with your finger
E.l.f. 144 Eyeshadow Palette
  • With a flat shadow brush, take shadow 1 and pat it all over the lid
  • With the same brush, take shadow 2 and put it on top of shadow 1
  • With a blending brush, I used Sigma E25, pick up lightly shadow 5 and place it on the crease, lightly blending out the harsh lines created by the green shadows
  • With a large fluffy brush, take shadow 6 and apply beneath the brow bone as highlight
  • Pick up shadow 3 and mix it with shadow 4 with a clean flat shadow brush to get the right shade of blue and place it beneath the lower lash line and lightly wing it out
NYC Falses Lashes in 973 Black - I didn't have any lashes similar to what Nicki was wearing so I used my favorite full lashes. Nicki was wearing a really spiky demi lashes that elongated her eyes

Milani Liquif'eye Eyeliner in Black - line the upper water line
Maybelline the Falsies Black Drama Waterproof 

MAC Viva Glam Nicki

That's it for my recreation of Nicki Minaj's Viva Glam promo ad look. Let me know what you think! :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

IN2IT Eyeshadow Duo Review: Ritzy

Let me introduce to you EY 09 Ritzy. A Sheer Eye Color duo from IN2IT Cosmetics.

I know most have probably never heard of the brand but it's an Asian brand. The brand is owned by Asia Pacific Cosmetics Corporation, Hong Kong and its available in Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines in select department stores and drugstores. I have read somewhere that it is also available in Singapore and other Asian countries but this, I don't know for sure.

It is highly pigmented, blendable and buildable. It is a long wearing eye color with a shimmering pearl and micro glitter formulation. The product is infused with aloe vera, bran oil and vitamin E for a smooth application. Since this brand's products are specifically made to suit Asian skin, which  had oilier skin  due to the hot and humid weather, more prone to skin irritation, and blemishes, this is perfect for people who have the same problems. 

I've had this eyeshadow duo for a year now and it has been one of my favorite buys ever. Whenever I wear one of the shades or both I always get compliments on how vibrant, pigmented it is and how it compliments my eyes and skin tone. The shadows work really well without a primer too.

Here's a swatch and the look to go with it:

 Uh oh, blurred. I had such bad lighting and I couldn't get the camera to focus right. :(

This is a highly recommended brand and product. They have other amazing products as well and there's only one product from them that's a huge miss for me so far and that is their Waterproof Eyeliner Pen. It's supposed to be waterproof and dries matte but I'm sorry to say that it's a fail in the waterproof department. It smudges and sweat makes it run down your eyes. It is horrible so be wary of that item.

If ever you will go to visit Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines please do visit the department stores' and drugstores' beauty section and take a look at IN2IT. Their products are cheaply priced for the amazing quality and if I remember correctly I bought the duo for roughly around the price of $2-4 only.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sensitive Topic: Labiaplasty

Warning: This post is not for the faint hearted.

I have always liked writing about controversial issues that brings about enlightenment and diversity in opinions. That way, I become a more open minded and well educated person. There is nothing wrong in having your own views and opinions, in fact it is your right and you are more than welcome to share your thoughts. The conflict always rise when people begin pushing their own views to others and unconsciously wanting others to believe it too.

As my old readers might probably know, I am under the EdenLovesBloggers program at EdenFantasys, an online sex/adult shop that also carries a lot of stuff like lingerie, bath and beauty items. The program is a sponsored blog post from EdenFantasys and each post, the blogger is rewarded with a gift certificate. I usually check the site and the community for interesting blog topics. I found a topic in the community forum that led me to watch an hour long documentary that left me appreciative but confused and wondering.

The forum topic was entitled "Ugly Pussy."  Some might find it gross and uncomfortable to read that particular text but as a woman this is nothing to be ashamed of. Hello, it is part of our body. Some might find it taboo to actually talk about it but talking about it is a very interesting learning experience. The woman who started the discussion stated that she didn't find her womanly bits pretty. She also opened up the subject of labiaplasty or vulva surgery as an aesthetic procedure that is growing in popularity. Another member of the community replied to her discussion with a link to a documentary, The Perfect Vagina, (which I highly suggest you watch).

After watching the documentary, I have come to appreciate myself and my body more than ever. I have always been quite an advocate of loving oneself and reminding people that they are beautiful and to not compare themselves to others. If changing your size whatever body to a size 0 just because you want yourself to become like the girls in the magazines, labiaplasty, for me,  is even worse since you're changing a part of your body that no one really sees except you and your partner. I only agree to labiaplasty if this would help cure any health problems that the client might be experiencing. It is quite confusing for me since there has been an increase in the number of women who wants to get this procedure and I don't really understand their reason for it.

So let me ask you this question: How do you feel about labiaplasty? Is it okay? Is it wrong? Is this topic really not worth talking about?

I will respect whatever opinion you have on this. :)

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hello Viva Glam Nicki!

As you may all know, Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin had released a line for MAC's Viva Glam. While I have absolutely no interest in Ricky's lip conditioner, I was highly drawn on Nicki's bright pink lippie. 

I am not usually the one who go for bright lip colors except for corals and tangerines since they suit me best when I'm tan but I find that upon looking at Nicki's promo ads, it would suit me well too. In fact, I believe that this would suit any skin tone and that I couldn't pass this up. 

Viva Glam Nicki is a very bright, yellow based pink lipstick that has a satin finish. 

I'm absolutely right! Viva Glam Nicki suits me pretty well! 

This is an absolutely perfect pop of color for spring and summer. 

I will officially call this My Happy Lipstick. Putting this on made me so happy, girl and confident. Lined eyes, long lashes and bronzed face plus this lippie is absolutely perfect. Even without that crazy falsies I have on this is totally a fab look to sport. 

Planning to do a recreation of Nicki's Viva Glam promo ad look so stay tuned. :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Asian Eyes: Gold & Taupe

It's been awhile since I've done a makeup look like this. I think the last one I did was for my circle lens review. I've been watching too many Korean dramas lately and those led me to sporting dolly-eyed makeup looks again. So basically this makeup look aims toward creating bigger and elongated eyes. This look is really good on Asians since most have smaller eyes (like mine!) however, I find that other races can pull this look off too! :) 

This focuses on eyeshadows that are limited on the small crease area and eyeliner that extends the eyes. For this kind of makeup, usually the eyeshadows are not softly blended so you could definitely see harsh edges.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles - Medium Beige
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - Medium - nice light-medium coverage
NYC Sunny Bronzer - contour the cheeks, temple, jaw & nose
NARS Blush - Deep Throat

Wet n Wild Brow Kit

MAC Painterly Paint Pot - prime the eyes
L'oreal Infallible Shadow Eternal Sunshine - with a flat shadow brush, pat the shadow in the inner third of the eye keeping it below the crease
Urban Decay Busted Eyeshadow - with a flat shadow brush, pat the shadow on the remaining part of the lid still keep the color below the crease; wing out the shadow; slightly blend the harsh line using the other side of the brush  which is clean to make it look softer but keep the defined line of the shadow
Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Charcoal - line the upper lashline; thicken it as you wing it out; line the other 2/3 of the lower lash line and connect it with the winged liner; don't forget to tightline
Maybelline the Falsies Flared Waterproof Mascara 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Tokyo

Eyes would look bigger with longer and fuller lashes. Add false lashes to make the final look dolly. I skipped this because I just couldn't find my lash glue. :( Circle lenses that have 14.5-15mm diameter will really make the eyes look bigger. I am wearing GEO Nudy Brown circle lenses in the photos. :) A white/peach/light pink eyeliner instead of black eyeliner at the bottom waterline would also give the illusion of brighter and wide eyes. I opted for black eyeliner since I always look weird with using white in my bottom waterline. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Won a Giveaway!

I never win giveaways and I've joined quite a few of them already and when I received the news that I won, I really couldn't believe it. I was ecstatic about the whole thing after it sunk into me that it was true. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Khristine and Christian, the husband and wife duo of Beauty and the Brute who hosted this giveaway. This giveaway was in celebration of reaching 400 followers in their health and beauty blog. I am really very happy that I have received such a prize and it's all thanks to both of them. Please go and visit their blog and show some love. 

She is so thoughtful and labeled the box fragile. 

A short note and bubble wrapped goodies! 

The main prize is the Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV. 
She mentioned that she will send a few goodies as well....

Thank you so so much for the prizes! :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you very much to my dearest cousin and fellow beauty blogger, Rina for giving me such an award. I also want to thank each and everyone of my followers. I reached 300 followers! Yay! Blogging has really been fun. I can think of other ways to de-stress myself but this is on the top of that list. :) More posts to come and a giveaway in the future (not anytime soon, but I promise there will be!) :) Special shout out to Jill of Aqua Knockout since she's been one of my good online friends. 

I just received this other award from Emer of Beauty Moments and I decided to add it up to this post since it's basically the same, a Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you so much Emer for awarding this to me! I really appreciate it!

1. The the person that nominated you with a link back 
2. Tell 7 things about you
3. Pass this on to 10 newly discovered blogs and let them know they received an award

7 Things About Me
1. I am a moody person. 
2. I have three elder, half brothers
3. I am the youngest and only girl
4. One of my brother's name is the same as my boyfriend's name (it gets confusing when the family talks about my boyfriend and brother at the same time!) :)
5. I like watching my Korean Dramas
6. I like cooking 
7. I want to get married in 5 years! :)

10 Lovely Bloggers:

I have been enjoying reading their posts lately so I hope you check them out too and take a peek at their wonderful blogs. Hope you have a nice weekend! 

Friday, February 17, 2012

L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Review

The drugstore has been releasing a lot of rave-worthy products since December of 2011. After quite awhile of lusting over these L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadows and hunting for them in every drugstore I go into, I finally got my hands on three of them. 


The first one I have is the shade Eternal sunshine, a pale yellow gold. The next is Amber Rush, a coppery brown shade and the last is Bronzed Taupe, a beautiful metallic taupe color. For my first buy I have chosen shades that are neutral and that I most likely will wear often.

These shadows are amazing. They are downright a 5/5.

The L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadows are actually loose shadow pigments that are pressed down. They are not cream shadows like most assumed. The shadows are very pigmented and long-wearing too! Even without a primer these shadows last for a really long time and they don't budge. Some say these are very comparable to Armani Eyes To Kill shadows but I can't say that for sure since I don't own any of those to compare. I really love these three shadows I picked up since they are metallic finishes and I love metallic eyes. 

The packaging for this product is also pretty nice since you can display or store it with the bottom up and you can clearly see the shades. I find however that the Infallible lid is something that they could improve on. The lid is plastic and nice but I would very much prefer it if they have sturdier lids like the lids of Maybelline Color Tattoos or MAC Paint Pots. This is a very insignificant complain but it is something that I just have to mention. For the price of $7.99, it is really worth it and it is a shadow that you cannot go wrong with. 

Have you tried the L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadows?