Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What's in my Unii Palette?

Two months ago I bought myself a Unii Palette so that I would be able to customize a travel palette without bringing too many things. I ordered the turquoise color because it looked really nice, plus I love the color blue. I'm dying to get all Unii Palette colors too.

Before I even bought this palette I have already thought of putting my favorite Wet n Wild Color Icon Trios. I have Walking on Eggshells and Silent Treatment on this palette. One of my favorite go-to eye makeup is the Silent Treatment Crease color all over my lid and blended out by the Crease color of Walking on Eggshells. I like to create makeup looks by mixing the two palettes so I decided to just put them into one palette instead of picking up one trio then the other. Since this customized palette looks neutral I also depotted my Wet n Wild Color Icon Palette in Vanity and place them together with the trios. 

I have my favorite brow bone highlight shadow which is Nichido in Eggshell (the round pan). I bought this eyeshadow from the Philippines and I forgot to purchase a backup when I left. For months, I have stopped using thist particular shadow because I haven't found a perfect highlight shade that would replace it. It is the perfect highlight, not too shimmery but not matte either. It's not too white or cream colored. It looks really natural when used as a brow bone highlight. I still haven't found a replacement for this one but I really hope I do soon. I do use the Wet n Wild matte cream-colored shadow from the Vanity palette (the shadow beside Eggshell) often for highlight.

To complete this palette I placed a Wet n Wild blush, Pearlescent Pink, a dupe for NARS Orgasm. When I put together this palette I had a hard time depotting my eyeshadows so some of the shadows in the pans were cracked. One pan from the Vanity palette is even missing because I shattered the whole thing and I ended up just throwing it out.

The back of my Unii Palette has the name of my boyfriend. It's my way of saying thank you for all the support and understanding he has given me when it comes to all my endeavors especially with my love of makeup.

For US residents, you can purchase the palette here and for UK residents, here.

Do you have a Unii Palette too? Let me know what's inside your palette and leave a link down below. I need more ideas on what to place inside my palette since I'm planning to buy another one again.


  1. I like your unii palette. such a pretty color.. wet 'n wild shadow are always perfect.

  2. that uni palette is so cute and so handy! i want one

  3. nice palette:) love the nude-ish colors x

  4. Have u tried wet n wild's icon single eyeshadow BRULE? I highly recommend it. i absolutely love it for highlighting my brow bone :) It looks similar to that one in the vanity palette but i cant be sure if it is the same one?cause i havent got that palette. If u get it, let me know what you think. Love the pearlescent pink too though i dont think it is an actual dupe for orgasm. Orgasm is shimmery with gold flecks in it which i love :)

    1. Haha just realised i havent even tried my pearlescent pink yet. I got it mixed up w heather silk LOL.. just opened and swatched pearlescent pink and yeah ure right it kinda reminds me of rgasm.. nice one :)

  5. this is so convenient to travel with!
    hope i can get a hold of one someday
    also love the color!

  6. That looks really cool I was thinking of getting a Z palette but his looks much nicer!

    1. I was thinking of getting the Z Palette before too but this one is nicer with the wide mirror, sturdy case and lovely colors. :)

  7. Here in Italy it's very hard to find this palette, but I like it so much!! ^^

    1. Aww... maybe you could try doing a makeup swap sometime with another girl and put this in your wishlist. :)

  8. ohmigod I freaked when I saw this, by far one of the coolest palettes I've set eyes on! searched high and low for one in the UK, was so upset when I finally gave up and accepted that they don't do them anywhere over here :(
    follow and I'll follow back :*



  9. This is so cool! And thank you for the lovely comment! I followed you :)

  10. I like this paette so much! This is such a cool post!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???
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  11. This is so so cute :-) I bet your boyfriend loves it :-P




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