Saturday, January 28, 2012

Urban Decay Primer Potion Review: Original & Eden

Everyone loves Urban Decay Primer Potion and I bet there are tons of reviews on this product but I can't resist writing my own review. 

I have been hearing about this product for so long before I actually got it. What took me so long to have it? I lived in the Philippines and it's kinda hard to access international makeup brands. There are lots of local online stores that sells international makeup products but they are usually not the real thing or they jack up the price too high. When I first arrived in the US and went on my first shopping trip at Sephora, I immediately picked this up. 

During the time of my purchase, Urban Decay had just changed the packaging for the primer potion. I have been wanting to have the potion bottle after watching thousands of beauty videos in YT featuring it but alas, no original packaging and the original primer potion was sold out too! I ended up buying the UDPP in Eden. I got my second primer potion with my Naked Palette and finally I have the original formula and the bottle too. 

I have never tried other eyeshadow primers before Eden. Upon my first try on this product, I was so happy that my shadows became more vibrant. I went ahead and gave it a 12-hour test run just to see if my eye makeup would last. It did. Actually my makeup stayed on really well! However, I encountered problems as I continued to use the product. I started to notice that my eyeshadows crease at around 8 hours. I went ahead and watched reviews on the product again and many said that this usually happens if you put too much of the  product. Since it is a squeeze tube, a small dot of product is a lot already. I tried lessening the amount of product that I put but I keep  on encountering the same problem. I don't like wasting makeup especially if it's an expensive one so I still do use this primer although I'm not very fond of it. 

The original UDPP in the original bottle, though only a sample size, seem to be quite the opposite of Eden. While Eden dries a natural matte shade that is at least two shades lighter than my skin, the original dries invisibly. It also seemed to work better than Eden. I have no idea how different the formula and ingredients are between the primers but it seems like the cult favorite, the Original Urban Decay Primer Potion is really the best primer. I also believe that the doe foot applicator that the original packaging has helps a lot - makes sure that you don't put too much on. 

I am planning to purchase UDPP in Greed and Sin too just to see if they work as well as the original one or if it's a miss like the Eden.

What's your take on the UDPP?


  1. I love the Original, and I love it in Greed, I've never used Eden, but I have used Sin, and it's awful. I don't know what they did different, but my eyeshadow would crease within 2 hours when I use sin. Greed works for around 8-9, and the original works 12+.

    1. I really have no idea what's the difference in the formula but there obviously is since some works and some don't. :(

  2. i remembered i was browsing around their site and i saw this!
    i wanted to buy it but i'm not sure how much products the minis would have inside.

    1. They actually have a lot of product inside and once you feel like the applicator isn't picking up anything, buy small cosmetic jars and depot the primers. :)

  3. i've only used the origianl one in a small sample but i thought it was too drying for me.
    too faced shadow insurance is a staple primer for me. ;)

    thanks for sharing your in-depth reviews on these products!

    1. You're welcome. Not all products work the same for us so it's good you found your primer in too faced shadow insurance. i'm currently trying out that one too and i'm still figuring out what it does for me. :)

  4. I have both of them too. I don't know why, but eden doesn't work for me too. It doesn't matter how much product I use, it creases. But the original one is perfect.


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