Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sigmax HD Face Brushes Review

I have been crazy with Sigma Brushes lately after I received the Bunny brushes and I ordered the infamous Sigmax HD brushes. 

I was supposedly going to order the Synthetic Kabuki Kit which consists of four brushes, the F80 Flat Kabuki, F82 Round Kabuki, F84 Angle Kabuki and F86 Tapered Kabuki at the price of $56 however, after much thought and consideration, I didn't order the kit. I couldn't really find the use of the F86 so I instead ordered the Sigmax Duo of the F82 and F84 in Matte Handles on sale for $24 and added the F80 for $16, which I think was great. As you can see in the photo, the F80 has a glossy handle in comparison to the F82 and F84 duo which is matte. These brushes are made of synthetic fibers and are designed to deliver a flawless application of makeup, may it be cream, liquid, powder and mineral products.

These brushes are of amazingly great quality. They are short and dense and has a nice weight to them that it is so easy to use them to apply makeup. I've washed the brushes a couple of times and I have seen no fault in them. There has been no bleeding and shedding. Most beauty bloggers have complained about the longer time to dry these brushes due to the thickness of the fibers. I, however, believe that this is not true. The brushes dried after around 6-8 hours of drying and I'm not doing anything to hasten their drying time. 

I use the F80 Flat Kabuki in applying liquid foundation. All I do is stipple the foundation all over my face and once I get all of the product in my face, I buff and blend them in a circular motion. For the F82 which is the Round Kabuki, I use it to blend my concealer and it does that wonderfully. I use the F84, the Angled Kabuki to apply bronzer and contour my face.

Makeup application particularly foundation application has never been fast, easy and flawless looking!


  1. I bought the duo kit when they had their black Friday sale and have absolutely loved them since they I first tried them. Definitely the best brushes Sigma has to offer :) great review

  2. I prefer mac brushes but maybe I'll give sigma a go

  3. @MsBilliLilli you're definitely right! Best brushes! Thanks! :)

    @NRC please do give it a try. It's way cheaper than MAC brushes but it really is a good brand. :)

  4. I can't be without this brushes I just ordered another set... they are my most used FAVORITE brushes...
    I know you will love them for a long time '

    new follower hun
    thanks for stopping by my blog.


  5. I have been looking for ages for good quality brushes, but I think MAC is to expensive, so I'm definitely going to try sigma brushes. :)

  6. AHH! brushes! I love playing around with beauty brushes! it makes me feel so pretty and professional! :D hhahaha.

    We should follow each other! I hope you visit by my blog and let me know what you think! I look forward to your visit!

    God bless,


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