Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shop, Learn and Earn with EdenFantasys

Looking for a website where you can shop, read some interesting articles and earn money at the same time? Well, let me introduce to you a new discovery of mine: EdenFantasys. Before you click on that link and be surprised (especially that some readers of mine may be minors), let me just give you an overview to that site. EdenFantasys is a one-stop, online shop for all things womanly and adult.

Some of you might think, "what the hell is Joanne doing directing me to such a lewd online shop?" Simple. As a woman, we need to be open minded and well rounded. Not in the sense that we should experiment and buy all those toys advertised in the shop (you're welcome if you want to) but at least be familiar with these things so as not to be ignorant. See, one of the main reason that I'm introducing this site to all of you is that they also carry beauty products like bath & body, skin care and makeup so it is not only limited to adult toys and sexy lingerie. They also have gorgeous dresses that is really very feminine and sexy. Checking out this shop doesn't mean you're a pervert of any sort.

What's more is that this site have their own community which is the Eden Community where you can join in and talk about a lot of different things like relationships, health and sex. Perhaps my favorite part of the community is the Eden Cafe Blog wherein there are really informative and controversial articles. The health and body image category is particularly captivating for their stories on body image and how loving yourself and your body is important. They also have the Eden Cooks Club where they discuss and share recipes, tips and tricks in the kitchen! 

Probably the most exciting thing about EdenFantasys is that they have programs in which you can join and get to review products for free or receive a gift card for writing a blog post. You can purchase items like bubble baths, candles, moisturizers or anything available in their shop. You can even earn money from affiliate advertising of banners in your blog!

Ready to be part of the Eden Community or be a sponsored blogger? If you're 18 years and above, check out this page, EdenLovesBloggers for more information about the site and their programs.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store


  1. I love your blog! The photography is amazing! Check mine out: follow me and I'll follow right back :) x

  2. its always good to be open minded, thanks for posting this, i checked out the site and am going to look into it a little bit more to see what kind of products i would be able to review that related to my blog!

  3. Lol i heard about that site when they were offering free tote bags or something like that.
    I'm definitely going to go check out the dresses they have now :)
    Thanks for the great find!

  4. Mmmm sounds prety interesting ;)grin Btw I am doing online shop at my shop selling cool Japanese cosmetics, so plz check it out! ThanX!

  5. @Chaitea: The dresses are under the lingerie section... just in case you couldn't find it. :)

    @Lily: Please do give me a link to your online shop since I couldn't access your site. I would love to check out your products! :)

  6. whee I like the name, EdenFantasys ~ ^-^


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