Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Favorite Christmas Gifts

I really wasn't expecting any gifts this Christmas because my mom told me that my vacation trip to St. Thomas was already her Christmas gift to me so it was quite funny when she asked me to wrap my own gift. I had to stop myself from peeking inside the Anne Klein box when I was wrapping it. Obviously it was a watch but I didn't know what. Mom is so obvious. She always gives me a watch as a gift but I adore all the watches she gives me. When I opened my gift on Christmas day I was in awe when I saw this beautiful rose gold charmed watch. It's really so beautiful.

Another gift that took me quite by surprise was from my brother. My brother and his Christmas pranks were hilarious and he did one me too with this gift. For Christmas, he pranked mom by giving her a not-so-empty box of iPad2. Mom was so ecstatic while opening it and she was so surprised when she opened it because it was empty save for the iPad instruction manual and... a white, leather band, Micheal Kors watch. When he gave me my gift I was expecting something bigger because the box was bigger than the case for the watch that mom gave me. When I opened the box there was a very small Bloomingdales box and inside it was the necklace. He bought me a Kate Spade, gold, bejeweled bow tie necklace.

Their gifts are so lovely and it really made me happy. They both knew my taste. I received a few other gifts for Christmas but these are my favorites. I wish I have gotten more makeup for Christmas but I didn't. Oh well, I have enough makeup to last me a lifetime so I shouldn't complain. I'm really thankful for all the things I received and all the wonderful blessings.

What are your favorite Christmas gifts? :)


  1. Of course I understand why you're so happy, this incredible, one notices that you're good hahaha

  2. u lucky little one :) im in love with the necklace eric gave u! jealous xx

  3. @rina: Ask him for your gift! :)

  4. Ooooo I love the Kate Spade necklace, so darling!

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