Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Stila Lip Glaze Review

Here's a perfect stocking stuffer: the Stila Lip Glaze! If you have read my previous blog posts, I purchased the Stila Holiday Lip Glaze set at Urban Outfitters when I was shopping during Black Friday. I have finally gotten myself to review this after trying out and playing with all the shades. The holiday set has 8 shades of lip glaze, a $110 value for the price of $25. 

The set includes Apricot, Kitten, Kaleidoscope, Grapefruit, Fantasy, Starfruit, Dreamy and Believe. Each lip glaze in the set is .05 oz and the regular lip glaze that retails for $22 is .08 oz. It's really not that much of a difference (well it is if you're a lip gloss junkie since you'd run out of these babies quickly) if you use gloss infrequently like I do.

Each glaze smells heavenly and the taste is not bad at all. I usually tend to lick off my lip gloss and that's why I really love BBW's sweet tasting Liplicious. The glaze adds a light to sheer color to the lips. This also makes my lips a little bit plump. Consistency-wise of the product is okay. It is a bit thick and a little sticky but it is just perfect if you apply only little bit of the product. Applying too much results to a very gunky and glossy lips so I just like putting a dab on the middle of my lips and distribute the product evenly with the brush - this is another reason why I like this product. The brush applicator makes it easier to distribute the product precisely on the lips. With the pros however, there's a con to the applicator too. Brush applicators and doe foot applicators breed bacteria. This does not only seem unsanitary but in the long run, the growing number of bacteria plus the sweet smell of the gloss will turn into a rotten odor that is really not great for use. This is a great lip gloss but my only advice is to use the product well so as to not let the product go to waste. Lip glosses are on of those beauty product that does not really last a long time.


  1. they all look so pretty! i have an obsession with lip products!

    http://tzeyien89.blogspot.com/ xxx

  2. I want to try all of them! Great review.

  3. Thanks for dropping by ladies! I'll go and check out your blogs as well. :)

  4. Hey! Im just letting you know that I tagged you for the nail polish tag in this post:


    I'd love to see your nail polish collection and I really like your blog.. xx

    But of course, you dont have to answer if you don't want to.


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