Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sigma Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit Review

I have never tried Sigma brushes and I have heard so many great things about it so I finally decided to give it a go. Days before I finally caved in and ordered from Sigma, I have been going through their brush collections to choose which one I would get. They came out with The Cities collection as well as the Make Me travel brush kits. I was really in dilemma because I also want to try out the Sigmax brushes. I can only pick one and I was in a pinch so I decided that I would get back to it once I finally made up my mind. Two days later I checked Sigma's site again and I found out that the Bunny Collection was finally released.

That blew my mind! I went crazy at the name (hello it's bunny!) and the color for Mrs. Bunny and to find out that this collection is sporting the Sigmax HD fibers! Score! Before I could change my mind I went and ordered Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit.

So the latest Sigma Bunny Collection is synthetic and vegan friendly. It comes in two versions: Mr. Bunny, with black brush handles, and Mrs. Bunny, with pink and blue handles. The travel kit comprises of 7 must-have brushes and the essential kit have 12 face and eye brushes. It comes in a leather functional container that can double up as brush holders.

[You get a free gift when you purchase $30 or more]

First of all I want to praise Sigma for their ingenius concept of their brush canisters which is very sturdy and convenient both for traveling and home use. It is great for organizing your brushes and other long makeup articles. Whichever you may prefer, you can use one cup for eye brushes and the other for face brushes or you could put clean brushes in one and dirty brushes in the other. 

I can't begin to explain how wonderful and impressive these brushes are. I'm not a big fan of pink but I just love how the the Mrs. Bunny brushes have pink ferrules that compliment the blue handle and the holographic labels. The brushes themselves are very soft and gentle and really does the job. Since they're synthetic fibers,  they don't absorb product and a little product goes a long way with these brushes. I love how it blends  makeup easily and flawlessly. After playing with them for awhile I really can't find fault in these brushes. I washed it a few times already and so far no shedding and bleeding. The brush plastic guards that comes with the face brushes are also great to keep them in their shape.

I'm gearing to buy the Mr. Bunny travel set. Actually, the travel set is all you need for a complete face. I just wish that Sigma would release other colors for the Bunny Collection. Wouldn't you like that? Vegan Sigmax brushes in amazing colors? :)

The 12 piece Bunny Collection retails at $109 and the 7 piece at $59. There's also an ongoing 10% discount coupon until December 31. Just enter "NY2011" when you check out. These brushes would make great gifts for Christmas for all makeup lovers.

What do you think of these brushes?


  1. They look amazing! I have the original in a brush roll and I love them, but wish I had this set instead. Might buy the Mrs. Bunny travel set though, it has all my favourite brushes :)

  2. @Tina yes, that would be a good idea! I really want to get that one too. :)

  3. I've been wanting these for way too long!! i'll definitely be purchasing these on Friday :)! love your blog btw. follow mine, I've followed yours...

  4. love love love.. super duper soft especially the F30 large powder brush! it feels sooo good against the skin that i just keep caressing my face with it (just for kicks) hehe. better than the original sigma & mac brushes for sure :)

  5. yes! the bunny brushes are amazing. i just received my hd sigmax face brushes and i can't wait to do a review. but it shall wait. :)

  6. Sigmax brushes are ahhmazing! It's the best for face makeup. Did u get the set? Im tempted to get the precision ones but that can wait. I usually prefer to use my fingers to conceal anyways :D


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