Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ulzzang Makeup Look

Ulzzang - it means best face in Korean. There are lots of meaning to the word but for me, the way to compare or differentiate the  Korean ulzzang from the Japanese gyaru is the makeup (obviously for the girls).

You see, a usual ulzzang look are comprised of circle lenses, winged liners, mascara, slightly tinted lips and really smooth and bright faces. The gyaru look shares the smooth and bright faces along with stunning dolly circle lenses, however the girls are more big on false lashes, mascara and pink glossy lips and slightly flushed cheeks.

I used to do the basic ulzzang makeup look as my everyday makeup but I haven't been putting it on recently so I decided to give it a go today however I really couldn't look quite those Korean pretty faces. I kinda give up on looking like them! haha :) I think, even with the Asian eye shape, the circle lens, and the makeup, I lack the bright complexion that they have that gives them that fresh and pretty look.

Anyway, here's my take on an ulzzang look.

PS: The first photo was taken back in April and I honestly think I look better and more "ulzzang" in that one than I do now. What do you think? 


  1. I think all you need to do is thin your eyebrows or not fill them in so dark, nothing wrong with your complexion dear

  2. Hi Anon, ummm... part of the ulzzang look is wide and a little bit thicker brows rather than thin because that's what make them look more youthful. I personally don't like doing or plucking my eyebrows to the point that they are very thin because I naturally have sparse brows. Although I'll keep your suggestion in mind about not filling them in so dark. Thanks. :)


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