Wednesday, November 30, 2011

GEO Nudy Brown Circle Lens Review

Hello beauties! This is another circle lens review on GEO Nudy Series in brown. 

For this particular post I braided my side bangs and pinned them to the side and curled my hair too to give that ulzzang look. Makeup is also done lightly here so you would see the effect of the circle lens.

Circle lenses come in different color and effects that makes the eyes appear larger. GEO Nudy Circle Lens is quite different from the previous circle lenses that I reviewed (OL/Wing and Fresh) because even if they do have the same size, which is 14mm diameter, this particular lens, when worn, makes the pupil appear smaller and the iris bigger. Yes, it still gives a bigger eye effect but compared to the other lenses where there is obvious pupil dilation, this seem a little bit smaller.

Upon close observation of the eyes, this looks more two-toned, a light brown and gray color combination than just a honey brown with the Fresh brown series. At first, I really couldn't distinguish the Fresh brown from the Nudy brown because they look so similar but I noticed the difference after taking a picture of them. The Fresh circle lens had thin "wings" extending from the outer rim inwards almost meeting the center "wings." In Nudy circle lens, the "wings" are short. Also, the Nudy color is lighter than the Fresh; even if they are both in brown they clearly have different hues.

I still have mixed feelings about this particular GEO circle lens series. I don't hate it but I don't love it either. There are times when I'm looking at myself in the mirror wearing this particular pair of lenses that I really adore the final look and there are times where I think that I look weird and blank. I give this a rating of 7/10.

And before I forget, the Nudy series reminds me of Freshlook colored contact lenses. The final look it gives is really very similar. Maybe I would make a post on that one for comparison someday. :)

Look forward to my review on GEO Angel series soon.


  1. Whoa those look so great on you!

  2. I really like this pair. Your eyes look amazing :-) really cute hair too!


  3. love your hair and the lens look nice on you :)
    I can't wear the Geo lens for some reason ><
    they always sting my eyes -.-

  4. Thanks Hannah and Peiji! :) You girls are wonderful!

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