Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Estee Lauder Lipstick Collection: Review and Swatches

I have quite a handful of Estee Lauder Pure Color lipsticks and if I haven't given away some of them to my friends, this collection would amount to 15-20 shades instead of just 10 that is shown here. I never bought Estee Lauder products for myself but 4-0-50% of my makeup collection consists of this particular brand. My mom and aunt tend to give me Estee Lauder sets and collections. 

I always seemed to think that EL is more of an older generation brand when I received my first set of an EL collection but I changed my thoughts especially after playing with the makeup particularly the lipsticks. I love how rich, creamy and smooth the lipsticks are and how they could coat even the ridges of my lips. I've tried a lot of lipsticks and I could not name a single other brand that could come as close to this (even MAC and Wet n Wild, well perhaps Clinique High Impact Lipsticks). It is very moisturizing and long lasting too. 

So as you can see above, I have different kinds of packaging. The blue packaging is the oldest packaging among the three. I can't remember however, which of the gold packaging came first; they are both from a holiday collection but I can't remember what year. The packaging on the right side looks similar to L'oreal and I think that current Estee Lauder packaging and the middle gold packaging looks best.

Now let's go to swatches of the lip colors. Let's start with my oldest lip shades. I have Pinkberry, Cafe Latte, and Fig with the old, blue packaging. Pinkberry is a cool pink with a plum undertone, Cafe Latte is a brown neutral shade, lastly, Fig is a nice red with a brown, warm undertone.

The next collection consists of Pink Parfait, Bois de Rose and Tiger Eye. Pink Parfait and Tiger Eye are shimmer lip colors. Pink Parfait looks like a Barbie-colored pink in the tube but once applied, the pink is overpowered by the silver shimmers that it contains. Tiger Eye and Cafe Latte is almost similar in color however the former has a lot of rose gold/coppery shimmer than the latter but is nicer and more wearable than Pink Parfait. I actually think that Tiger Eye is a nice holiday lip color if you have a smokey eye. Bois de Rose is a nice lip color that is very similar to Rose Tea but only a hint darker.

See here that Rose Tea is a tinge lighter than Bois de Rose from the other collection. I actually use them both  interchangeably when I don't know what lip color to wear. They are one of my go-to lip shades. Hazelnut Creme is a warm brown color and Crystal Honey is a cool light brown with gold frosting. This is actually a lighter version of Tiger Eye without the obvious glitters. Marashchino on the other hand is a bright red color. 

My favorite Estee Lauder lip color would be Rose Tea and for my perfect red lips would be Maraschino.


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