Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday Haul and Circle Lenses

We were down at Connecticut for Thanks giving and I did a bit of Black Friday shopping with my mom and cousin, Agnes, and I got some few things. The mall was packed with Black Friday shoppers and I really don't like standing in line for too long so I just got some irresistible items. 

American Eagle had 40% off on all their items and I snatched up this cream colored hoodie and black V-neck jumper. They are so perfect for layering and for the winter. AE is as packed as all of the stores in the mall but thankfully they have a lot of cashiers and sales personnel that made the purchase faster than it should have been.

Next on the must-go store is of course, my favorite, Sephora. I purchased the red Sephora lash curler because I really have to dispose my old one. Come to think of it, I should have bought the Urban Decay Revolution Lash Curler for only $2 more - I thought of it just now. Anyway, another item on my shopping list was the NARS blush in Torrid that I have been eyeing for quite a while now but I ended up getting Deep Throat instead because sadly, Torrid was out of stock. I was so bummed out but I was determined to purchase a NARS blush so I went for Deep Throat, which is really amazing too!

Last stop for shopping was Urban Outfitters. I love how they have a wide array of fashion, beauty and even home items they have and I purposely went there for makeup steals like NYX and e.l.f. Usually, I can find both online and on select stores. NYX is available at Ulta and e.l.f. at Target, sadly, I don't have any of that store near me so I could only get select items at Urban Outfitters. I purchased the Stila Lip Glaze set of 10 for only $25, an e.l.f. beauty book and a NYX eyeliner in white. My cousin offered to buy me Rae Morris's Beautiful Eyes book which I absolutely adore. 

I know my Black Friday shopping was not that much but I'm happy with all of them. I'm really avoiding spending a lot of money since I'll be leaving for a family vacation to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands in two weeks.


Upon arriving home from Connecticut, I was greeted by my most awaited package, the 6 pairs of circle lenses from Angelcontacts that I ordered more than 2 weeks ago. I ordered it from Canada and for some reason it was delivered later than usual. When I contacted the site the moderators were very helpful and considerate and tracked my package for me. 

I have been using GEO Angel contact lenses for more than a year and the gray and brown colored ones are my favorite. I disposed my old contacts now and replace them with this new ones. I'll make a separate review on all of them next time. :)



  1. I Wish they had Sephora in london :(
    also that stilla set looks lovely!


  2. Hey Nicky! Don't you have Boots? I heard that's the equivalent of Sephora there.
    And yes, the Stila set is great, smells amazing too! Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Hey, yeah we have boots but its nowhere as nice as Sephora.. there was a sephora in my local shopping centre about 5 years ago but they got rid of them all :( boo xx

  4. Aww. Sephora is expanding so maybe you'll have one someday. :)


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