Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Mask Bar SoHo New York

You know that one K-beauty store in Koreatown that I raved about a long time ago? If you don't know about it, it's called The Mask Bar. It has been more than a year since I've written that blog post and I am ecstatic to tell you that they opened a new shop in SoHo!

The new store is located at 443 Broadway, NY, NY 10013. It is a block away from the N, Q, R, MTA Canal train station and near stores like American Apparel, CB2, MUJI and Footlocker. 

This is honestly a small shop, definitely much smaller than the one in Ktown but it is nicely packed with Korean beauty goodness! 

The reason for this visit to The Mask Bar in SoHo was because of Jennifer, which I also mentioned in my post on The Mask Bar. She reached out to me on Instagram and she actually told me that she remembered my visit a year ago and quite a number of their customers said they found The Mask Bar through my blog! ^^ I was really surprised when Jen told me that since I didn't really know how much of an impact that post had. I put up the same review on Yelp and on my Instagram and I'm just really happy that people actually did decide to stop by and check out the store! 

So when Jen messaged me, she asked me to drop by the new store they have and told me she have some Korean skin care items set aside for me. I am beyond happy when she told me that and I though it was perfect timing as well since I needed to grab a couple of Korean beauty items for my giveaway in December. 


This quaint little shop is The Mask Bar in SoHo.

Jennifer is so cute and bubbly and her laughter is so contagious! She will answer every Korean skin care queries that you might have.

Although the store might be small, it is a bit overwhelming to go in there since it is packed from top to bottom with sheet masks from a lot of brands. All over New York, you would find Korean beauty shops like Tony Moly, Face Shop and Nature Republic but the difference with the Mask Bar is that they carry skin care and a few Korean makeup items from brands that are not widely available in the US market. Brands like Etude House, Innisfree, iSOi, It's Skin, Leaders, MediHeal, SNP, Skinfood, IOPE, Hera and others. They also carry Too Cool for School and Dr. Jart which is also available in Sephora. 

So lovely and homey. The store is very rustic chic.

Arent't these cute? Kbeauty packaging always gets me.

They have an ongoing deal with pre-packaged masks which is $10 for 10 masks. They also have a promo for Leaders masks which is BOGO and the box set of 10, which originally retails for $29 but is only $35 for 2 boxes. I personally bought 2 boxes of the Leaders sheet masks since it is one of my brands,

Jenn in her natural element. Her knowledge and outgoing personality is truly amazing!

I went to visit The Mask Bar SoHo with my godsister, Abby, and we took some polaroid shots! Abby got to keep our picture together but Jenn and The Mask Bar gets to keep the one of me and Jenn. 

Jenn has also informed me that The Mask Bar in Ktown is closing down soon since that building where they're at is going to be turned into a hotel. The Mask Bar will be opening up a new place in Chinatown some time next year and I'm excited to see that one come into fruition. 

The warmth and friendliness of Jenn and The Mask Bar is something that I truly cherish. Please visit the new Mask Bar in SoHo and tell her Joanne sent you! ^^ You can follow The Mask Bar SoHo on Instagram @themaskbar.soho. They also have a website for your online orders so you can also check out themaskbar.com.

The Mask Bar also gave me some goodies but I will share that in another post as I will slowly review each of them.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Bdellium Tools Brush Review

Bdellium Tools is a brush company that has been around since 2009. The brushes are made from natural and/or synthetic hair specially designed for each brush function. 
They have released 7 product lines:
  •  Maestro Series - a collection of luxurious makeup brushes with nickel plated brass ferrules
  • Green Bambu
  • Yellow Bambu
  • Purple Bambu
  • Pink Bambu - these 4 lines are eco-friendly makeup brushes with all sustainable bamboo handles and all vegan soft synthetic bristles and an anodized ferrule
  • Studio & Travel Line - professional makeup brushes with the classic 7 layer lacquered yellow handle with anodize aluminum ferrule
  • SFX Series - specifically designed for special effects makeup
Bdellium tools also have HD brushes (BDHD) that helps you achieve flawless, HD looking, makeup that are available in Maestro, Studio and Pink Bambu brushes. 

In 2015, Bdellium Tools launched their first makeup product with the Auto-Lip Crayon in 7 Shades.

The company is continually growing and expanding their brand. As a part of this expansion, they have reached out to several beauty influencers to spread word about their amazing products. Today, I'm happily bringing you a review of 3 of their brushes, the Pink Bambu Angled Face 990, the Studio Angled Shadow 766 and the Studio Angled Brow 763.

The Pink Bambu 990 is a pretty pink brush with synthetic bristles. It is an angled face brush that is nicely angled and domed at the same time. It is one of the softest face brush I've ever encountered. It is described as a brush that is "perfectly suited for whisking powder over the face or gently brushing off any excess."

This brush has a nice density to it that is great for applying pigmented powders. I can see why it is recommended as an all over face brush since diffuses powders really well. I actually like applying bronzer and blush. I am the type of person who can get heavy handed when it comes to applying contour powders and this is a great brush that helps give you a light handed application. If you have any pigmented blushes, this also helps diffuse the color so you won't have clown-faced cheeks. The only downside I see with this brush is that it is slightly big for my face. This would be a perfect brush for me if is slightly smaller in width. Other than that, I really have no complaints with this brush.

The Pink Bambu 990 also feature a tapered handled that makes it sip easier into a brush belt - great if you are a makeup artist who works on clients.  The 990 retails for $20.

Each Studio Line brush is treated with an anti-bacterial agent. This Studio Angled Shadow 766 is a fluffy angled brush that is great for blending shadows on the crease. Since it is angled, it is great for applying eyeshadows at the outer corner of your eye in an angle. 

I personally love the 766 for contouring my nose. I also like how it seamlessly blends the contour shade. As an eyeshadow brush, I like it but is not my go to since it is not small enough for my eyes. It is a bit bigger than the other angled shadow brushes that I have and since I have small eyes and smaller lid space it is a bit difficult for me to use. It is a brush that is very versatile so you can definitely use it for other things like precise contouring. The 766 retails for $8.

The Studio Angled Brow 763 is definitely a brush for applying powdered brow products. You can also use this with pomades and gel application on your brows, however I do not prefer it for that. It is slightly thicker than the angled brushes that I use for my brows and I like clean, precise application for my brow products that can only be achieved with a slimmer, finer, bristled angle brush. 

I use the 763 as a smudge brush, applying eyeshadows on my lower lash line. The 763 retails for $8 which is actually quite a bargain for it's make and quality.

Brushes, although they are marketed and specifically made for a particular area of your face, can always be used in different areas of your face depending on your needs. This is what I like about makeup, since there really are no rules. There's do's and don'ts but you are still free to do whatever you like and just have fun with it. Same goes with the tools you use to apply the makeup!

I like how Bdellium Tools brushes are very versatile to use. They are also well made and low to mid-range in pricing. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, there is surely a brush for you!

You can find Bdellium Tools in their website: bdelliumtools.com, Instagram: @bdelliumtools and on Amazon.

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Lime Crime Matte Velvetines Haul, Swatches and Review

Happy Halloween! Ahhh the day where all the horror unleashes, complete with all blood and gore. Playing dress up has never been this fun for everybody, even pets! ^^ 

Anyway, today's post isn't really Halloween related. I'm putting up my small Lime Crime Velvetines haul with swatches. I've had these babies for a couple of weeks now but have been a little bit busy with other posts so I held back on putting up the post. Anyway, all but one shade in this mini haul are very fall/winter shades. 

Liquid lipsticks have been all the rage for the past year with every brand coming out with their own version of a long lasting liquid lipstick. Lime Crime is probably one of the first brands that came out with a liquid lip line with their Velvetines before liquid lipsticks were ever popular. I have always liked the formula of the Lime Crime Unicorn Lipstick but I've always put off buying the Velvetines because they were pretty pricey for me back then. Now that a lot of brands have them, I feel that the Velvetines, priced at $20 is an average price for these products. If I am not mistaken they used to be $16 or $18 three years ago. Still, I don't think that the current price is that much of a jump from other liquid lip prices. 

The Matte Velvetines are marketed as a long lasting, matte, liquid lipstick that has a velvet finish.


I purchased 5 of the Velvetines, three of them was from a set. If you are going to buy these lippies, I suggest checking out the Bundles since they can save you some extra $$$.  I'm going to go over swatches down below with a mini review on each shade.

True Love, Cupid and Saint is from the True Love Set. I really love this set since it has a bright pink, a pinky nude and an old rose shade which are shades that you can use throughout the year. The True Love Bundle is sold at $44. They are all full sized so you are saving $16 through the set rather than buying them all separately at $20 each. 

Wicked and Bloodmoon are sold in different bundles as well but I purchased both of them individually.

True Love is described as a matte liquid lip with a pinky red hue. On my lips, it is definitely a bright neon pink. Very comfortable on the lips and applies easily. It stays true to the description of the Matte Velvetines which is long lasting and has a velvet finish. It fills in all the cracks of my lips so it looks very seamless. True Love is on sale right now for $16.

Cupid is described to be a petal pink color. Quite accurate. On the bottle it looks more nude but on my lips it is a muted pink shade. As with True Love, it is stays true to product description although for some reason, it doesn't fill in the cracks of my lips completely. Cupid is also on sale for $16.

Saint is described as a cranberry red. This is the shade that is very different from all the stock photos from the website. On the site, it is a rich cranberry shade but this turned out to be an old rose shade on my lips. I don't hate it though. In fact, I love it and is my favorite among all the shades I got. It is a great shade to wear everyday all throughout the year since it is neutral but it still has a reddish hue that gives your lips something extra. The lip swatch above is taken with natural lighting although in person it may look deeper than that but still not as deep as the photo on the website. Among all the shades I purchased, this is the shade that is the easiest to work with. I had no problems with application and I didn't need to be so precise in my application in comparison to all the other shades which is quite understandable because this looks like an MLBB shade while the others are either too bright or deep. Saint is sold for the regular price of $20.

Wicked is described to have a blood red hue but on my lips it looks more of a cool-mid toned red. I love the shade but unfortunately it is so hard to work with. It was really difficult to apply since I have to be so precise with the application. As you can see on the lip swatch above, there are gaps on the lip line. Definitely a shade that you have to be patient with when you're using it. Wicked is also sold at the regular price of $20.

Bloodmoon is a limited edition shade that is described as the deepest blood red. Among all the shades, this is the most difficult to work with. More difficult than Wicked. It also doesn't appear as the darkest and deepest blood red shade. I also need to be precise in application with this shade. I suggest using a lip liner to make it an easier application. Also, you can definitely tell from the lip swatch that it is patchy. It is lighter in some areas and darker on the other areas. Of course, if you're not looking up close even in person, you won't be able to tell that it is patchy since this shade is still very pigmented but it irks me now since I can definitely tell. I have to go over the areas that are lighter with another coat but that is really bad idea since it gets crusty and crumbly a couple of hours after application. Bloodmoon is priced at $20.

In my experience, the Matte Velvetines generally last for a good 8 hours and more (as long as you don't eat anything oily since it would break down the lipstick) and are highly pigmented liquid lipsticks. It is waterproof, kiss-proof (unless you're full on making out! ^^) and no transfer. For brighter and deeper shades, I suggest using a lip liner to outline the lips since it is really hard to be precise. Also, use only one coat of the product since piling on layers wouldn't look too good since it gets crusty and crumbly like Bloodmoon. Carry with you a chapstick and tissue when you have to reapply after a meal so you can remove the shade first before applying it again on your lips. It is also extremely matte and although it is comfortable on the lips, your lips will really feel dry after removing it. 

If I would rate it, Lime Crime Velvetines would be my number 1 liquid matte lipstick just because of Saint and the True Love Set which are my perfect go-to shades anyway. The next brand would probably be Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip just because of it's price and color range although it is not exactly as long wearing as the Lime Crime. Third, would be the Kylie Lip Kit. It is smack down in the middle of being a good quality liquid lipstick: wear was decent, could get crumbly at times, limited color selection but it's a huge plus that it is sold with a lip liner (although I know you can get the liquid lipstick itself individually too).  Ah, Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick used to be my number one liquid lipstick but in comparison to the Velvetines it is more pricey at $24 and Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick would come in close to second to the Velvetines because they are both priced at $20 although the KVD doesn't wear as long as the Velvetines for me. 

What's your favorite liquid lipstick brand and shade? Would love to know so I can try it out too! 

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I hope you have a great Halloween celebration!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Review & Swatches

I love Urban Decay. It is one of my favorite brands ever since I started getting into makeup. It is rare for me to find a product from them that I really don't like and almost everything I have ever tried and bought from them are my Holy Grail. I especially love the Naked palette, come on, who doesn't? I live on the Naked 1 palette although I do have the Naked 2, 3 and Basics. The only palette which I don't have is the Naked Smoky and the Naked Basics 2. I passed on both of those palettes because I think I can achieve the smoky eyes with all the other palettes anyway plus the other palettes that I have from my collection. With the Basics 2, it was very cool-toned for me and I'm very much in love with the Basics 1 that I really didn't feel the need to get the Basics 2. 

About a good month ago Urban Decay released the Naked Ultimate Basics and I walked into my local Sephora the day it was available in store and I was informed when I purchased it that I was the first person who came looking for it and bought it! They expected it to sell out by the end of the day and I was glad that I was able to get my hands on it.

It took me so long to get this review up because of the number of sponsored posts that I have to do this month plus all the other things that went on with my daily life.

The Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics promises 12, new, all-matte shadows that everybody has been begging for for what seems like forever. 

The eyeshadows in this palette is also described as having a velvety texture and rich color. Honestly, I don't think this is true at all. Although these shadows are pigmented, I don't think they have the same texture as the other Urban Decay shadows. They are still as good and high quality but they don't have that smooth, velvety texture as the others. It is still smooth but slightly dry in comparison to the other Naked palette shadows. Good thing about the Ultimate Basics, all shadows are tightly packed in the pan and they are not dusty and doesn't have kick offs and little to no fall outs at all during application. In my book that is already an A+. 

The packaging is phenomenal as expected from Urban Decay. It is also lightweight and even if it is a bit bigger than what I am used to in palettes, it is pretty good for traveling. 

Inside is a lovely, wide mirror that stands up on it's own so you can set it down on a table and do your makeup. Very convenient if you like to bring this around with you when you go on a weekend trip or traveling since you don't have to hold the mirror since it stands on it's own.

The palette also comes with a short, dual ended brush. One end is a fluffy eyeshadow brush that I find great for applying an all over lid color and brow bone highlight. It is soft and fluffy enough to blend shadows that you have packed on the lid although I don't find it great for extreme blending needs. The other side feature a short, dense brush that is great for smudging and smoking out dark shadows. It is perfect for shadow application underneath the lower lash line. This dual ended brush would be everything you need if you want a light wash of color but if you do a complex look, you would definitely need the help of at least one flat brush and one blending brush. 

As I mentioned earlier, this palette consists of 12, all new, matte shades, with the exception of one which is said to be a demi-matte formula. 

Blow is a light nude demi-matte shadow. It basically is a cream, soft-satin shade. Although Urban Decay promised an all-matte palette and this one isn't exactly matte, I'm not mad at it since I always like a brighter, slightly shimmery inner eye corner highlight and this fits the bill perfectly.

Nudie is a soft pink-nude matte. On the swatch above, this shade barely show up on my skin. You might thin that since this shade doesn't really show up on a fair-medium skin tone there is no use for this eyeshadow, but it is actually a great shade to lay all over your lids before you start doing your makeup look. It makes blending for all the other eyeshadows you lay on top of it easier. 

Commando is a light taupe-brown matte. This shade is still light for my skin tone and it barely shows up too. It is slightly pink on me but it is a great transition shade. 

Tempted is a pale brown matte. This is one of my favorite blending shadows from this palette. Still light on my skin tone but definitely comes out more than Nudie and Commando. It might be light swatched but it definitely comes out when you use it with a fluffy blending brush. Again, great transition shade. 

Instinct is a medium pink-taupe matte. This is like the baby brother of Nooner from the Naked 3 palette. It is way lighter than Nooner but in the same family.

Lethal is a reddish brown matte. This shade is a lovely all over the lid shade if you want a gradient smokey eye, or it can go over the outer V of your lids to add more depth. It goes slightly plum-my on my skin tone and does come out darker on the lid than on the pan. 

Pre-Game is a pale yellow matte that is very similar to Foxy from Naked Basics 1 and the Naked 2 Palette. This slightly lighter than Foxy and is great as a matte brow bone highlight. It gives the brow bone a lifted look. 

Extra Bitter is a burnt orange matte shade. This is my favorite color out of all the shades in this palette. This scream fall. It surely reminds me of the leaves during the fall season. This can either be an all over lid shade or a warm transition color.

Faith is a medium warm brown matte. I lovely this color together with Tempted and Lockout because they are in the same family of brown and they make any makeup look put together.

Lockout is a rich neutral brown matte. It is indeed more neutral than all the other brown shades but it is a lovely shade. Again, a great blending shadow. 

Magnet is a smoky gray matte. If you love neutral grays this is your shade. This is my least favorite shadow just because I'm not a huge fan of gray eye shadows in general although I can see this working really well with Darkside, a more shimmery gray from the Naked 3 palette and Pistol from Naked 2. 

Blackjack is a warm black matte. It is warmer and not as black as all the other black shadows from Urban Decay. The truest black from UD is Blackout and Crave from the Basics 1 is more brown-black.


I love the fact that these shadows can be built up to your desired intensity and you can also go very light handed with it. It is such a perfect palette for beginners because of this. For pros, this is a great complimentary palette if you already have a lot of eyeshadows and palettes since it is all matte and neutral - you can definitely find your blending and transition shades in this palette.

Is this a must buy? Honestly, I don't think so. If you are a makeup junkie, a collector or a beginner this is a palette that you should buy but if you are someone who owns too many palettes already with really good matte transition shades in it, you might want to look at other makeup products to buy rather than to get this palette. 

I love this palette and I have been using this for the past month since I got it but I honestly think that there are other palettes out there that you should pick up. Unless you really just want an all matte, neutral palette.

The Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette is still my all time favorite palette the Juvia's Place Nubian Palette comes in second and the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics comes in third for me.