Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Daeng Gi Meo Ri Ja Dam Hwa The First Shampoo Review

Ever tried a red shampoo before? Well I haven't, so this has been an exciting product review for me since some of the other BNTGirls have reviewed it and sang praises.  Time for me to try this out! 

Pretty, red packaging with flower design made me look forward to trying this out! 

The Ja Dam Hwa The First Shampoo is made of white ginseng and ginger (Oriental medicine inspired), crinium lily extract for energy and strength, silk extracts from golden cocoons to protect and firm the hair and make it shine, green tea, chamomile, sage, Calendula and henna to moisturize and revitalize the hair. With these ingredients, it's claims to cleanse the scalp, repair hair, nourish and revitalize the scalp and the hair. 

This shampoo lathers well and has a powdery floral scent. The scalp feels pretty clean during shampooing but I find that I like the Daeng Gi Meori Oriental SPECIAL Shampoo better than the Ja Dam Hwa The First Shampoo. 

I don't find the Ja Dam Hwa The First Shampoo special nor have I seen any difference in my hair after using this for awhile unlike the Oriental SPECIAL Shampoo which made my scalp feel extremely clean and my hair really soft.  Of course, for fairness sake, I used the L'Oreal Total Extreme Hair Repair Conditioner with this shampoo as I did with the Oriental SPECIAL Shampoo. And I still have to put it out there that the Oriental one is way better than this red shampoo. My hair wasn't as soft and as moisturized as when I was using the other shampoo. The Oriental SPECIAL Shampoo and the L'Oreal conditioner I still the best shampoo and conditioner pair I have ever tried so far where it made my hair significantly cleaner, softer, moisturized and even grow faster. 

I don't hate it nor do I love it. It's just an ordinary shampoo.  It does the job of cleansing the scalp and the hair. It removes oils and dirt. It is a good daily shampoo but for me, it is not a fave nor a Holy Grail product. As much as I was very excited to try this product, thjs turned out into a blah in an instant. When it comes to shampoos though, as long as it does the cleansing job and does not irritate my scalp,  I will continue to use it until the bottle is empty and move on to the next one.  

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Lafine Vegetable Firming Massage Cream Review

Problems with swelling, bloating and sagging? Well, here's a product that promises to reduce these problems! Introducing Lafine Vegetable Firming Massage Cream. 

Oops! Packaging typo! 
As you can see, they have made a mistake on labeling the cap of the tub and instead of 'Firming' it says 'Foaming' - which actually confused me at first! 

This firming massage cream is rich and perfect for massages not only for the face but for the whole body. Made from cucumber, tomato, parsley and carrot, this delivers natural vitamins and nutrients to the skin. 

Cucumbers soothes the skin with its cooling properties and eliminates tiredness, swelling and puffiness.  

Carrots is rich in Vitamin A and C, minerals and antioxidants.  It helps keep the skin healthy and vibrant, clear blemishes, and keeps the skin hydrated.  Because it is high in Vitamin C that aids in the production of collagen that is vital for the maintenance of skin elasticity, it also prevents wrinkles and other signs of aging. 

Tomatoes help in reducing large pores, get rid of acne and cool down sunburns. It also helps give the skin a radiant glow because of its richness in lycopene that eliminates free radicals. 

Parsley is also high in Vitamin C and helps in reducing fine lines, wrinkles and scars.  It also helps to rid of blemishes, brightens and even out the skin,  and reduce puffiness and swelling. 

This large tub of cream smells entirely like cucumbers and it immediately gave me such a relaxing feeling. To use, apply a generous amount of cream on your face and massage in small circular motions from the interior to the exterior of your face to help blood circulate.  Don't forget to apply to include the jaws and neck for that nice V line.  Wipe clean with a tissue after you're done with you're massage. 

I quite enjoy this product. The product is very creamy and rich and has an oily texture which makes massaging easier. You do have to wipe it off with a tissue after use because as I said, your skin would feel greasy. It does relieve puffiness but not by much and after all the massaging that you have done to your face you will definitely see brightening effects. I can't say that I have felt or noticed firmness upon use but overall I had a pretty good experience with this product. 

This is not only great for your face but for other areas of your body as well. I have actually used this on my legs after shaving and my legs felt really smooth, moisturized and glowing. Since it has firming and healing properties you can also use this on the areas of your body which sags and on scars and blemishes. 

I definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to give themselves a good spa-like treatment and especially those who have dry and sensitive skin. It also gives you instant results if you have problems with dull and uneven skin tone. For anyone with dark and puffy under eye circles, I suggest putting the tub of cream in the fridge for a good 5-15 minutes, apply a generous amount under your eyes and let it sit there for about 3-5 minutes and then gently massage that area with your ring finger. Do not put pressure on that area but just make light circular motions. I guarantee that it will relieve the puffiness and brighten that area! Believe me, I tried and it works! :) 

It is a cream that has a lot of uses and benefits and I give this a 5/5 because I simply love multifunction products! 

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

I-MIIX Magic Capsule Silky Make Up Base by Catalina Geo

I can say that I am blessed with pretty clear skin except for the occasional zit here and there when my hormones are off the charts during the time of the month. The only skin problem I face on a daily basis is my dark under eye circles and my dull, uneven skintone. I really can't do anything with my dark circles except conceal them and for my dull skin, well, brightening creams don't have that much effect on me.  I have to result to using BB creams and foundation to achieve an even skintone and then I have to at least use a bronzer to add dimension on my face. 

I've tried quite a number of primers and bases and I'm grateful to find a few that held my makeup up but never one that instantly brightens the face and gives it an even tone. Lucky for me, I was sent this unique product to try out. This is the I-MIIX Magic Capsule Silky Make Up Base by Catalina Geo.  

When I went over the product list for my August BNT Beauty Box, it actually told me that I would receive the Catalina Geo Color Capsule Makeup Base and I was really surprised to receive the same product in a different brand and packaging. I had to contact BNT to find out why I received something different and I got an answer. Apparently nobody noticed that my box was packed with a different product and all the other girls had received Catalina Geo. Good news is, it is the same exact thing since I-MIIX is a brand released by Catalina Geo. 

The Magic Capsule Silky Makeup Base is made up of color correcting capsules and essence that wold moisturize the skin and at the same time enhance the longevity of makeup. It is oil free and good for sensitive skin. 

I'm not entirely sure how many shades of this Magic Capsule Base are in the market but under Catalina Geo's Color Capsule line they have 5: pink, violet, green, white and blue. I'm assuming I-MIIX has the same colors but don't quote me on that. 

The colors are color correcting and I'm gonna give you the basic run down on what certain colors will do to your skin before I jump on my actual review of this product. 

PINK - Great for brightening and eliminating signs of fatigue

VIOLET - Eliminates yellow undertones perfect for those with dull, pasty yellow complexion 

GREEN - Neutralizes redness 

WHITE - product usually is translucent (colorless/clear) on application and has brightening properties

BLUE - Neutralizes orange hues and hyper pigmentations

YELLOW - Eliminates purple and blue colors on the skin like bruises, veins and dark circles 

I know the Color Capsule Base doesn't have it in yellow but this is a good guide in knowing your color correcting primers and concealers. 

The I-MIIX Magic Capsule Silky Makeup Base is pretty and fascinating to me. I have gotten the pink shade. The color is in capsules and when you press the pump it breaks the color capsule and a mix of the essence and color is released. 

I really do like texture of this product.  It feels like a very light face lotion and has a floral scent to it.  It doesn't feel slippery or slimy like those silicone based primers and bases. My skin didn't feel hydrated but it also didn't feel dry at all upon application. 

It instantly gives me a brightened look and it evened out my skin tone especially on the areas around my nose, lips and chin. It slightly made my dark circles better.  I find that I don't really need to use a foundation or BB Cream but I could just use a concealer on my eye bags and be good to go. 

As for extending the life of the makeup, I don't think it does anything at all.  I would say it would make my makeup last for 4 hours maximum. It isn't good with oil control on a very hot and humid day and I would be oily after only an hour. I guess that's probably the reason why I'm not totally sold on this product.  Mind you it gives you an absolutely gorgeous and flawless look when you put it underneath your makeup but the problem is that look won't last you through the whole day. 

On lazy days I really have just been applying this product,  concealer and I would fill in my brows to achieve a natural look.  That's the easiest natural makeup up look I've been doing recently when I don't want to look like I had a restless night but I don't want to apply a ton of makeup. 

This product is something that you might want to consider but it is not making it on my list of Must Have Holy Grail products. I think there is something better out there on the market.  I especially love the Amaranth Ultra Hydrating Cream that I have twice reviewed for a hydrated skin that has excellent oil control properties and makes your makeup last for more than 12 hours. 

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Forencos Lips in Love Lip Tint Review

I always get excited whenever I receive makeup products in my BNT Beauty Box especially if they are eye and lip items.  So imagine my excitement when I saw the Forencos Lips in Love Lip Tint with it's chic packaging in my box. 

Since 1988, Forencos has been putting out environmental cosmetics in Korea but this brand is practically still a newbie in the international market.  It had started making its name in the foreign market when the Lips in Love Lip Tint was introduced by Kpop idol, SISTAR's SoYou. 

There are 7 shades in the Lips in Love line and I received 04 Lol Lol Lol, a bright coral pink shade.  The lip tint claims to apply smoothly on the lips without dry patches on dry lips,  high pigmentation with a lip gloss formula but without the stickiness. 

The applicator is more flexible than the usual lip applicators.  This can be both good and bad.  Good that it can reach all the areas of your lips.  Bad, you would lose control and it is pretty easy to go over the lines of your lips especially since this color is very bold and you would always need the aid of a mirror to apply to make sure you put it on precisely and perfectly.

The color pay off is amazing.  I personally think this is more of a liquid lipstick rather than a lip tint.  It does give you a slight gloss but if you want a more matte and longer lasting lip color, I suggest you blot the color out with the back of your hand or a tissue.  It doesn't really hold through eating and drinking.  As for the claims of no dry patches on dry lips, well, that doesn't hold true either. Although it is moisturizing on the lips, you definitely would see dry patches. 

I do have a love/hate relationship with this particular product but the color is pretty and it's the shade that I typically go for.  It is something that I do recommend if you are in the market for a new brand to try out when it comes to lip tints or lip lacquers. 

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

May Coop Raw Sauce Review

First introduced by KPop idol from Secret, Song Ji Eun at Get It Beauty, this product is a multi function essence that combines the effects of toner, essence and lotion. 

May Coop uses maple tree sap in their skin care line due to its nourishing and revitalizing properties.  It has high absorbability due to its smaller molecules and is rich in glycerin which makes it a very effective moisturizer and reinforces skin immunity. 

The maple sap is collected during the spring (May) for maximum potency. 

The packaging has a nature imbibed feel due to its wooden looking box packaging.  

The Raw Sauce contains 93% maple sap, fructan powder (eco-certified), Asian herbal and fruit extracts that makes the skin dewy. It is recommended for all skin types.  

When I first saw the name 'Raw Sauce' I thought that it would be something food related but the more I used this product the more I come to see that it is actually food for the skin.  Since it is an all in one product, I skipped using other skin care products during my night time routine and just applied it alone.  

The texture is slightly slippery like that of a typical essence, a little bit thicker than a toner and more like a lotion but not quite.  It applied nicely on the skin and absorbs right on but does not leave the skin dry. It is definitely a hydrating skin product and indeed makes the skin look dewy.  If you are oily, I suggest skipping this in the morning but use it during your night time routine instead. If you are on the extremely dry side, you may use it with a moisturizer to keep the skin even more hydrated. If you're normal to combination, it is good to use alone, morning and evening. 

Raw Sauce also has that fragrant, slightly sweet smelling scent that is pleasing to the nose, so that's a huge plus in my books.  :) 

The huge bottle of Raw Sauce is 150ml and retails around $42.  It is quite pricey but then again it would take you  a long time to finish the whole bottle so I think it is worth it. 

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.
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Monday, July 27, 2015

Too Cool for School Check Hot Girl Lash Review

Summer is here and it's pretty much the time to try out and rock those pretty vibrant, sweat-proof and waterproof makeup you have.  This is the best time to see if they live up to their claims!

On the chopping board today is Too Cool for School's Check Hot Girl Lash which comes in 3 party rocking shades: Nuts Brown, Royal Blue and Raspberry Pink. 

This mascara collection comes in atypical colors (Royal Blue and Hot Pink)  and a neutral shade (Nuts Brown) for those who are slightly afraid of lash colors. It is great for special and fun occasions like concerts and festivals (check out this bntNews article for a Festival Look using this mascara!). 

I received the shade Nuts Brown and I won't complain since I don't really wear colored mascaras expect for dark brown, which is very close to a black shade. I've tried a purple mascara before but I think I've only used it once and I kinda like it but it is definitely not something I would wear everyday. 

The Check Hot Girl Lash claims to create lash volume and provide vibrant color pay off that would make your lashes stand out.  It also has a creamy texture and a Curl Up Polymer technology that provide long lasting, water and sweat proof formula that will maintain the curl of your lashes. It also contains black sesame, black soybean, and blackberry extract. 

I really like the wand for this mascara.  It has an hourglass shape and has natural fiber bristles instead of plastic. This type of wand hugs onto the lash line perfectly giving it an easier comb through. 

The shade Nuts Brown is very different from the brown mascara shades I have seen in the market.  Nuts Brown is a little bit lighter and has a more noticeable reddish tone to it that gives your eyes a definite pop.  My dearest boyfriend definitely noticed it even if I only had one coat on.  

One coat

Three coats

I can't say this is a volumizing type of mascara but it did pretty well on giving separation and definition on my lashes with one coat.  Building it up was a different matter because on the third coat it was just looking thick and clumpy but the color was definitely more highlighted. 

Through a very hot day, my mascara coated lashes made it without any smudging but I'm pretty sure it won't survive a dunk in the water. It somewhat held the curl and even with just that I was impressed because I have very typical Asian lashes which are short and straight.  

The Too Cool for School Check Hot Girl Lash retails for around $10 at Koreadepart

I pretty much had a good experience with this particular product. I love the  brush which gave me ease and perfect control in application, I like the formula and the fact that it lasted throughout a hot day and slightly held  curl. The color was pretty nice too and for somebody who loves neutrals but not completely opposed to colors, this is the perfect way to make the eyes pop subtly.  

It is a little bit pricey considering its only 6g which is a deluxe sample size in comparison to the typical mascara tubes in the market.  I'm not that big on getting really voluminous lashes but I was expecting to get more volume from it without having it to clump that much. And though this product is indeed sweat proof, I prefer my mascaras to be waterproof since my eyes often gets watery and I don't want to risk having mascara run down my face. 

Overall it's a pretty decent product that is worth the try especially during the hot and fun summer months ! 

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.
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