Saturday, April 18, 2015

Coreana Rodin SHO 3-Step Pore Pack

Who loves nose strips here? I do! I have horrible nose pores and I know how it grosses out some people but I actually enjoy seeing all that gunk when you peel off a strip. *smh*

The Coreana Rodin SHO line has a 3-Step Pore Pack! Exciting since I have previously tried the Coreana Rodin SHO Cream and my skin really liked it.

This 3 step pore pack opens up pores, cleans them up, eliminates blackheads and tightens the pores. The strips are made of bio-cellulose which is derived from coconut water.

I don't follow the instructions precisely- After removing the first sheet, I immediately put the second sheet on without washing my nose. It didn't seem to make much difference because the second sheet worked fantastically regardless! 

1STEP- is really cooling and the serum was thin and slippery. It doesn't dry out at all within the 10 minute wait time and I left all the excess serum on my nose before going on to the next step.

2STEP- is much smaller than the Biore pore strips which tend to extend all the way out onto my cheeks! Perhaps it's designed for Asians who have smaller noses? It fit my nose perfectly! I found that the time it took to fully dry was only 10 minutes which is shorter than I expected.

When I peeled it off, one side at a time, it definitely hurt, but nowhere near as bad as the Biore strips. My eyes only watered slightly and not a single tear was shed *poetic*

3STEP- Ahhh I love bio-cellulose masks! This one has the texture of fresh coconut flesh and just feels so calming and refreshing. My nose isn't red at all after using this for 10 minutes and my nose feels really soft and silky afterwards and I have to refrain from stroking it (is that weird?).

Below is my nose before and after the process. As you can see, I don't really have a problem with blackheads on my nose (I have a problem with them everywhere else it seems). They are barely visible so I am not the best person to show an amazing before and after shot on! But trust me, wait till you see the stuff that came out of my nose later!

Step 1 is the Blackhead Melting Sheet
It melts and brings the blackheads to the surface with the help of horse oil.

Apply this step for 15-20 minutes. Clean the nose with a cotton swab.

This is a prep for the second step which is the actual pore strip. Though this takes up time, I like how it softens the nose area. It does slightly have an alcohol smell so if you don't like the smell well, heads up.

Step 2 is the Blackhead Absorption Strips
This is the step we're all familiar with. This is very similar to all the nose strips out in the market. This removes blackheads, white heads and sebum that clogs our pores. 

 Splash water onto the nose, remove the transparent film and apply the strip onto your nose for 10-15 minutes. Once completely dry, slowly remove the strip starting from the edge. 

It is a very satisfying feeling removing a pore strip from your nose and as I said earlier I enjoy seeing the gunk. The dirty pore strip is a testament to how well this product actually works. Unfortunately, photos from my test were lost and I had absolutely no time to redo all the photos. You can refer to Kim & Bella's review and photos for the effectiveness of this strip! Personally, it worked great and I believe that the first step was indeed helpful in removing so much blackheads, whiteheads and dirt from my nose.

Step 3 is the Pore Tightening Sheet
A bio-cellulose sheet that is soaked with horse oil, this last step closes and tightens the pores that were opened during the second step. It also helps calm the skin and prevents blackheads.

The actual sheet is like a flat piece of coconut jelly (bio-cellulose) and is sandwiched between two sheets. Apply it on the nose for 5-10 minutes, remove and massage the essence on the nose. 

An extra step which I think is very helpful. We usually neglect our noses and pores after we remove the blackheads not thinking that our pores are wide open and when it's wide open, chances are, it will get clogged up again by dirt and sebum.

The two sheets that encloses the actual strip.

The concept of this 3-step pore strip is good and quite effective but the time it takes to do the whole thing takes up half an hour. It's a pain if you have a lot of things to do but if you're doing a spa day or maybe just around the house working on some chores, it is a treat for your nose! ^^

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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Neogen Code 9 Lemon Green Caviar Essence & Tox Tightening Pack Kit

Another innovative and quite unique product that I've encountered from the BNT Beauty Box is the Neogen Code 9 Lemon Green Caviar Essence & Tox Tightening Pack.

This kit has 9 functions: removal of dead cells, moisturizing, tighten pores, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, blemish care, dark spot treatment, lifting, brightening, and whitening. 
The green jar contains the essence and the white jar is the Tox Tightening Pack which contains 25 gauze pads. It is pretty easy to use this kit. All you have to do is pour the essence into the white jar with the gauze pads. It will fully soak and absorb the essence. Refrigerate for 9 hours and it will be ready to use. It is recommended to use this product within 2 months.

The essence mixed with lemon, green caviar, multi vitamins and 55 kinds of natural extracts. It also contains sea grape extract. 

The gauze is made of 3 layers - 100% pure cotton gauze + cushion sheet + patterned pad - which allows for better absorption of the essence into the pad, remove dead skin cells and deliver active ingredient. 

Remove a pad from the jar using the tweezers provided. I like to use the mesh  side which is lime green in color. This helps remove left over makeup and dead skin cells. Afterwards I turn over the pad to the embossed patterned side to deliver remaining essence.

This product is very cooling to the skin and coming from the fridge, it can be ice cold. It's nice for hot summer evenings for a nice cool down but it's also a great skin relief to those who have problem skin. Immediately, you will feel the effects of the product. It's perfect for those who have dry skin and have dry patches since the mesh side of the gauze effectively removes excess dirt and dead skin. The opposite side of the pad is soft and I love how you can fit two fingers in the compartment to easily use the gauze. After using the product my skin feels a tad bit tacky but it feels soft and thoroughly moisturized. You can see instant brightness on your skin too which I believe is the effect of lemon.

My skin absolutely loves this product and it's a must have product for a spa night! My skin has definitely became smoother when I started using this. Koreadepart sells this product for $36.58 which is not a bad price for what it's worth. The product should be used within 2 months and it has 25 gauze pads and I've been using it 2-3 times a week. It can be very expensive to use this daily but if you do, I'm sure will thank you for it! ^^

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

It's Skin Prestige BN Cream EX Review

Hello readers! I'm so sorry that I have been out of reviews for the past weeks or so.  It has been so hectic dealing with a lot of personal things that I had to skip my regular blogging schedule. I am still left with 3 BNT Beauty Box items for the month of March.  Today's review will be one of those 3 so look forward to the other two which I will be putting up real soon! 

Today's review is on the It's Skin Prestige BN cream which has the main ingredient of bird's nest and gold. The gold and peacock feather packaging gives off a deluxe and fancy vibe to this product even prior to unboxing.  

The main ingredients for this cream is bird's nest extract and gold. Bird's nest extract has been found to help cell regeneration, increases collagen synthesis which helps with improving skin elasticity, and makes the skin luminous.  Gold in skin care reduces fine lines and wrinkles thus making the skin look younger. It also improves blood circulation, reduce skin dryness and lighten complexion. 

I can't get enough of the pretty packaging which makes me think of Cleopatra and her beauty regime especially with the added use of gold in this product.

The jar is huge but the actual product is actually so little. I guess they put too much on the packaging and although I really love the packaging, I feel like this is unnecessary since the product is actually really good. surprisingly, the value for this product is around $45 at Amazon and Koreadepart, and I thought it would cost more than that! It is still up there in terms of price but I firmly believe that it is a good value for the actual product and packaging included.

As you can see in the photo above, the gold is clearly visible in the cream. The visibility of the gold makes you feel luxurious every time you use it.

The cream is not thick and the texture is just a regular lotion. It feels a little bit slippery but it does not feel oily. After it absorbs into the skin, you can definitely feel the moisturizing effect. I can truly say that it does a good job on hydration but even after a whole month's use of it I couldn't see any of it's brightening effects. The cream also has a fresh and floral, slightly perfume-y scent to it that is not too over powering. The scent helps calm me and puts me in a great mood before bed. 

This cream is really good and if you get a chance, it's something you should try out. It's not very common to find bird's nest and gold ingredient combination in the market so I'm really grateful to BNT for letting me try this one!

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

[Pinkicon] NEO Cosmo Yearly Lens in Hazel Review & GIVEAWAY

It's circle lens time! I've been fortunate enough to be sent a pair of lenses from Pinkicon. Pinkicon is the largest Hong Kong based circle lens online store and they have over 300 designs and carries a number of brands. They also sell fashion wigs, eyelashes, cosmetics and accessories from known brands from Japan, Korea and Taiwan. They even sell polaroid cameras! ^^

The package comes with a Pinkicon lens wear and care instruction card and a Pinkicon business card on which their various social media handles are listed down. On the back of the card is an area where you can list down the different lenses you have and write down expiry dates for each pair of lenses you have. I find that this is an ingenious idea because honestly, if you have a lot of circle lenses on rotation, it is hard to keep track of their expiry dates. I usually throw out lenses based on their comfort level after a good number of months. I also had previously held on to certain circle lenses for more than their dates of expiry. A lens case is also included.


The lenses I'm gonna review today is the Neo Cosmo Yearly Lens in Hazel. The Neo Cosmo series (not to be confused with Cosmo Circle Lens series) are available in One Day, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly lenses. These are colored lenses that are disposed after the said amount of time.

These lenses are tri-toned, meaning this would make the color of your eyes appear to have 3 different shades all at once and gives your eyes a different kind of look, more pop of color. The shade is Hazel but it actually seems to look like a reddish brown shade and the color Hazel is defined to be brown with gray and green.

The base curve is 8.6mm and the diameter is 14.2mm however this seem to look much smaller than the 14.0mm lenses I have. If it wasn't written on the label, I would think that the diameter on these lenses are 13.8mm.

The lenses are really pretty but are a bit unnatural for me because one, the color stands out too much that it kinda looks weird to me and second, it doesn't have a dark and thick outer ring which makes the eyes dolly. It is understandable since these aren't really circle lenses but colored contacts lens. I'm just so used to a lens that makes my eyes look dolly. But those things aside, these lenses are actually comfortable to wear. They may not be as comfortable as some of my other circle lenses, but I can wear it for four hours without discomfort so for me, that's pretty good. 

Comfort: ♥♥♥/5

Pinkicon has a promo code for any purchase yearly circle lenses (except toric lenses).

Coupon code: A24680000
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-Hong Kong Post iMail
-EMS speed post (Purchase over US$150!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Too Cool for School Glossy Blaster Tint Favorite Kit Review

Basic Korean makeup usually consists of 3 things: BB Cream, shimmery shadow for the aegyosal and lip tint. You're pretty much good to go with just these 3 products especially if you want a natural look. Gradient lips are also very much on trend and they are very easily done by applying lip tints on the center of the lips and lightly blending them out with a clean finger.

Today's review features Too Cool for School's Glossy Blaster Tint Favorite Kit. The Favorite Kit contains 3 deluxe sized Glossy Blaster Tints from the line. The 6 shades from the line are the following: 01 Chic Red, 02 Giddy Rosy, 03 Dinky Pink, 04 Posh Coral, 05 Merry Tangerine, 06 Edge Purple.

The Favorite Kit is small and I was perfectly fooled into thinking that there was only two lip tints inside.

But lo and behold, there are three!

The Glossy Blaster Tint is a jelly type lip tint that combines the features of a lip tint and a lip gloss. It has 30% water content and 70% oil that helps moisturize, sculpt and plump the lips.

Soft, doe foot applicator which makes it hassle free to apply.  The size is perfect for my lips too! 

Worry not about longevity with these tints since the color stays on for hours of wear though the gloss does wear off. As you can see on the swatch photo above, I have wiped off the product but it stained the back of my hand. That stain was a bit hard to take off and I had to really scrub with a wash cloth in order to fully remove them.  

 No. 1 Chic Red

No.  2 Giddy Rosy

No. 5 Merry Tangerine

The gloss did wear off after awhile but the tint stays on your lips for a really long time. You must note that the 02 Giddy Rose is lighter in color thus it is also the fastest out of the 3 shades to wear off. Generally, these lip tints lasts for as long as 6 hours without retouching, although it would not be glossy by that time. They are also very moisturizing on the lips but only with the gloss still intact. When the gloss wears off, you would feel a slight dryness but nothing too bad.

The three colors in this kit is all the colors you would need! You have glamorous red, a soft pink and a trendy orange!

Two thumbs up for these tints! I couldn't get enough of them. I really like mixing up the red and pink. All I do is apply the pink shade all over my lips and apply the red on the center for that pretty gradient look.

Are you a lip tint or lipstick kind of gal? If you're a lip tint gal, would you try this out?

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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