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[Pinky Paradise] Princess Pinky Day Gemini Green Lens Review

Does colored circle lenses and contact lenses look too extreme for you and you're looking for that pretty colored lenses that looks natural and not eerily fake? Well, look no more since Pinky Paradise is now carrying the Princess Pinky Day Gemini Series that will look perfectly natural on your eyes. 

Princess Pinky Gemini has the Day and Night Series.  

The Day Gemini line is bright and subtle at the same time and it brings out a more natural look while the Night Gemini line offers a more vivid, wild, fierce gaze with it's intensity.

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8.8mm
Life Span: 30 days (monthly)
Prescription / -0.00 ~ -10.00

Most circle lenses have 38% water content but the Princess Pinky Gemini lenses have 42%, which means it's more comfortable for the eyes since it has more moisture and is suitable for longer periods of wear than other lenses. Although I still do recommend to only use lenses for a maximum of 8-12 hours since you should let your eyes breathe. This is by no means an extended wear contact lens so don't sleep with it on. Always take off your contact lens before you sleep. If you're going to take a nap, keep the nap as short as possible and if it's longer than 15 minutes, you might as well take off your contact lens. This goes with any contact lens since there can be a lot of complications that comes with excessive wear of contact lens (Circle Lens FAQs). 

Back to the Day Gemini lenses, the one I am reviewing is the Day Green lenses which surprisingly came in a blister pack instead of a vial. 

The lenses are very light in color. It is like a tinted clear lens with dotting around the pupil area and all over the iris area. This speckled design helps give a more natural look. One thing to note about the Day Gemini lenses is the absence of the limbal ring or outer circle design most commonly seen in circle lenses. The limbal ring gives the dolly or big eye look. Because these lenses lack the limbal ring, despite the diameter being 14.5mm, these lenses appear more like your regular, colored contact lens. With it's absence, you lose the wide eyed look and your eyes appear more natural looking especially since the color is light and seems to blend seamlessly with your natural eye color.

This is a closer photo of the lenses worn on my eye. Since the pupil area is clear on the actual lens, you can actually see my natural eye color which is brown. This makes my eyes appear hazel and the dotted design makes it appear as though they are natural eye freckles.

I'm sure that the Day Gemini Green would appear slightly different if you have darker or lighter colored natural eyes than me but amongst the other "natural" looking circle lenses advertised in the market, this is the closest one to being natural. 

I usually don't like regular colored contact lens and prefer circle lenses because they look oddly weird on me (bright, unnatural colored eyes for an Asian) but circle lenses have a way of making colored lenses make less unnatural because of the dolly eyed look. The Day Gemini series steps the game up since it offers colored lenses that looks natural despite it not giving the big eye look.

Comfort is key as well and I find these lenses to be really comfortable to wear for a longer amount of time than other lenses. I would also like to note that this feels thicker on the eyes when I first put it on but I quickly forgot about that a minute later. Most circle lens are thinner and regular contact lenses are thicker, the Princess Pinky is right in between but it is very comfortable to wear. 

Comfort: ♥♥♥/5

The Princess Pinky Gemini Day and Night series is available at Pinky Paradise. A single monthly pair retails for $11.90 and the Princess Pinky Gemini Day or Night Bundle with 4 colored lenses (grey, brown, green, blue) retails for $35.70. 

Important Notice: Currently, Pinky Paradise does not ship to USA and Korea. They ship to all other countries except these two. I will update once they lift this notice or if I find any more information.

Pinky Paradise: We regret to announce the decision to stop shipping to the USA and Korea as of 6th February 2017.

Please understand that orders from the United States are required to comply with the strict state regulations. With all of the restrictions, it’s a painful decision for our team, but a necessary one in order to continue operating until it is perfected and comply with strict state rules.

We’re working out a solution by doing all the necessary steps we can to help the situation.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused and we look forward to returning in the future.

Thank you

Pinky Paradise has been around since 2006 and is a trusted and renowned online retail merchandiser of trendy circle lens. Their customer service is excellent. Despite this post to be a sponsored blog post, I have previously purchased from Pinky Paradise and I know that they truly deliver and they answer any questions you might have about your purchase or orders. They have 900+ lenses to choose from with authenticity guaranteed. They also offer free shipping to orders over $49.

Sunday, February 26, 2017


Korean beauty products are really innovative and always takes it to the next level. Today's beauty product review is on First Cosmetic Mulbit Medist Vitamin Mist. 

Prettily packaged in this blue holographic box, it looks magnificent, although I was a little disappointed that both bottles inside were made of plastic and acrylic and it didn't feel high quality. Albeit everything looks good, and photo ready, it doesn't exude the quality I was expecting when it comes to the packaging. The bottle containing the tablets was very light and can easily crack if dropped. The spray bottle is a little bit better although it would have been better packaged in a thicker and higher quality material or a glass bottle. I believe that since they already put so much effort on the box packaging, it would have been better if they went all the way and did a luxurious packaging for the bottles. 

I'm sure most, if not all,  are familiar with effervescent tablets or those Vitamin C tablets that you can purchase in drugstores. It's the kind where you drop a tablet in water and it makes a fizzy vitamin drink. That is basically the whole concept of Mulbit Medist Vitamin Mist. 

Here's a step by step instruction guide on how to use this product. 

Don’t forget to re-open the cap 1-2 hour after closing it to release carbonated gas (if you close it before the tablets are melted, the spray will get ruined due to pressure

Pretty simple eh? Alright so now that we got the how to's covered, let's talk about what these pretty tablets are really all about. 

The colors of the tablets are not just for show, they actually target specific skin problems:

Green: Anti-wrinkle
Blue: Skin reproduction
Yellow: Whitening
Pink: Skin condition management

You can mix different tablets to achieve desired effect

So how was my experience with this interesting KBeauty product?

Opening up the bottle of tablets gave me quite a scare because it made an extremely loud pop. Don't remove the silica gel pack inside the bottle since this will absorb any moisture in the bottle and keep the tablets dry. 

Dissolving the tablets in water is fascinating and I felt like a little kid again on my first experience of effervescent tablets. It fizzles and bubbles. Downside, it takes quite a while for the tablets to dissolve and I pretty much used very warm almost hot water. Needless to say I was impatient to use my product. It probably didn't take as long as I made it out to be, probably less than 5 minutes but if you're excited about trying out something, 5 minutes can be quite long. 

Using the mist wasn't as amazing as I imagined it to be. It was just a regular face mist. Actually it felt more regular than anything I've ever tried before because of the fact that I know I used plain water. Although I dissolved a "vitamin tablet" in it, my mind just couldn't quite register that. It really wasn't anything special is what I'm saying. 

Specifically designed and colored tablets didn't give me any results at all and if there was any, then I didn't notice it. Perhaps 3 weeks is really not enough to get any definitive result from this product. I have tried to stretch the time I used this product before actually putting up my review just to see if I would get any results within those days but sadly I didn't get any. Maybe with long term use I will be able to see results as per tablet. 

There was a strong perfume scent to it once the tablet was completely dissolved into the water but it goes away quite fast. I'm usually sensitive to strong perfume scents on my skincare products but this one I didn't mind because it just fades away so quickly I barely noticed it. 

Good things to note about this product, it is quite a useful skin hydration solution. Applying a mist all throughout the day is very helpful to maintain skin hydration without needing to remove your makeup. It is actually easier to fix your makeup after you spritz on a little of this mist on your face. It also sets your makeup in place and makes it look less cakey and flawless although I find that it doesn't not extend the wear of it. 

I actually recommend using a tab or even half a tab with a third of the recommended water. I find that I cannot finish the entire mist in a day and it doesn't feel as good the next day of use. I personally think it is better to use a freshly made one daily so cut back the tablet and the water and use it the entire day.

I give this product a 3 out of 5. It is not amazing although it is very innovative. Priced at 49,000 Korean won ($49) that is a bit steep but is good to note that you can actually stretch the use of this product since you're using water. As I said very little to no results for the past few weeks of use so I'm a bit hesitant in recommending this product but it is good for skin hydration. Also if you are someone who uses facial mists and goes through a bottle so quickly then this is the way to go since you would actually be able to get more use from this. 

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

KICHO Color Plant Brush Kit Review

In doing makeup it is important to have the right tools and even with a limited number of brushes on hand you can create a full face makeup look. The KICHO Color Plant Brush Kit is a 5 piece brush kit that will help you apply your makeup flawlesslessy.

Beautifully designed in white and silver combination, these synthetic fiber brushes are perfect for travel and to add on to your brush stash.

Powder brush - rounded brush that evenly applies all types of powders (loose, pressed, mineral) with a flawless finish. This is a multi-function brush and on days where I don't use foundation, I would apply concealer on areas where I need it and finish up with a light dusting of powder. This powder brush is so soft and I find that it applies powders flawlessly and doesn't make it look patchy. The shape and roundness of the brush also is perfect for blush application especially if you have a focused area. Bronzing with this brush is also good although not for precise contouring.

Shadow brush - all around eye shadow brush for applying and blending color. This brush is thick and fluffy which is good for all over lid application and blending. I prefer using this kind of brush to apply my brow bone highlight shade or to apply a neutral shade all over the lids for easy blending. You can also use this for nose contouring which I'm very much fond of.

Smudge brush - flat headed brush with tight, short bristles for applying dark powder, cream eye shadows and pencils. An eye brush ideal for smudging. This brush is a little bit disappointing in my opinion. I wish it is a little bit thicker and stubbier. Although it has flat and has short bristles, it is on the thinner than what I would like a smudge brush to be. It has too much "give" and it honestly didn't quite give me a smudged effect when I used it as that, however, I found that I was actually a good brush for lining my eyes. Because it was thin, flat and wide, I was able to line my upper lash line without a problem.

Concealer brush - thin, round lipped brush for precise application of concealer. A very typical concealer brush, great for spot concealing and for carving out brows. Also, this can be used as a flat shader brush for application of shadows.

Eyeliner brush - a slim, finely tapered brush with firm bristles for flawless and precise application of eyeliner. A great eyeliner brush but I discovered that it is great for lip lining as well. It's tapered shape makes it perfect for sculpting the lips especially of you're applying deep shades. You can also use this brush to apply inner eye corner highlight and more spot concealing.

Brushes are not limited to what they are named for. You can definitely experiment on how to use them differently to suit your needs. Since I travel a lot I bring multi-purpose brushes to save space and I like how these KICHO Brushes are so multi-functional.  My favorite is the shadow brush just because I can apply shadow and easily blend them out with it.

Overall very happy with these brushes and it is actually the first time having white brushes that I'm OCD with maintaining them as clean as possible, which is not happening if you're using makeup everyday!

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Chinese New Year 2017 Makeup Look

Celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year on January 28, 2017, I'm bringing to you an easy Chinese makeup look. All you really need is a hot pink or red blush.

I've always been proud of being a Filipino but I also can't deny (and it shows on my facial features) having Chinese and Spanish mix, although one appears more prominent than the other. I can't remember ever attending a Chinese event until I was in college but those were more of partying rather than enjoying Chinese culture. In this blog post I am wearing an old cheongsam of mine from high school which I wore for school activities. I have actually ordered a cheongsam from Amazon for this post but it turned out to be the wrong size and coincidentally my mom is going to a Chinese themed event soon and the cheongsam I ordered fits her so that dress isn't going to waste at all.

Let's get started on the makeup which is easier than it looks. 

  • Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation in Shade 2.25 - Apply a lightweight foundation that is one shade lighter than your skin tone. Asian makeup particularly, Japanese, Chinese and Korean favor a fair skintone for their makeup base. If you are using a lighter or darker foundation, make sure you blend down to the neck for a seamless look. I have a light-medium complexion so I just used my regular foundation instead of using lighter shade.
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Medium and Sand - I always layer Medium and Sand concealers to cancel out my dark circles and to brighten the under eye area. If you have really dark under eye circles,you might want to color correct with a peach or orange shade before you apply your concealer. The Maybelline Fit Me in Medium has a peachy undertone that slightly cancels out the darkness so thats what I use as a color corrector. 

  • NYX Cream Blush in Glow - The main part of this makeup look is the blush. It has been on trend lately in Korean and Japanese makeup to apply blush right below the eyes and higher on top of the cheekbones. As I was researching traditional Chinese makeup looks, this was how traditional Chinese makeup was actually done. I used a bright pink cream blush as a base for the two other blushes. This will make the colors pop and stay on for a longer period of time. Tip: Layering makeup is always the way to go to extend makeup wear.
  • Hikari Blush in Tango - Tango is the brightest pink blush that I own so I layered this on top of Glow. I applied this on the highest point of my cheeks, right below the eyes and blending it towards the back of my cheeks.
  • Becca Cosmetics Blush in Fowerchild - I could actually stop with just using Glow and Tango, but adding Flowerchild right on top and on the front part of the cheeks gives the blush a different dimension and a more blended look because of the peachy undertone that this blush has. 
  • Becca Cosmetics Highlighter in Champagne Pop - a light dusting of highlighter on top of the blush gives it a more glowy look. Also apply this on the tip of the nose.

  • Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette - Using the shade Shadowplay which is the middle contour color, I used it to contour my cheeks ever so lightly. This look doesn't need drastic contour but only to add a little dimension to the face. Using a small blending brush, I used the shade Sombre, which is the contour shade to the left as my nose contour to slim my nose slightly. 

  • Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade in Medium Brown - A full, slightly arched brows is beautiful with this makeup look.

  • Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette - The eyes are very simple, I just applied the shade Tempera, a satin cream shade all over the lids and the shade Love Letter, a deep fuchsia pink, on the outer half of the lids. I concentrated Love Letter right by the lash line and just bended it out with a blending brush for a blended look. I also added Cyprus Umber, the chocolate shade on the outer half of my lower lash line to round my eyes more and add dimension. 

  • Sephora Waterproof Eyeliner in Black - I used this eyeliner only on my upper waterline for  fuller looking lashes
  • Kanebo Kate Spider Liner - Line your eyes but only make a small, extended wing. Do not flick upwards to make a cat eye and don't make it too long and dramatic. We want only a small, extended wing.
  • Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes Waterproof Mascara - Curl the lashes and apply a coat of mascara to prep for false lashes!
  • Ardell Demi Pixies - I'm using the Demi Pixies for a spiky looking lashes. We don't want overly dramatic or full lashes with this look but we want a spiky, natural looking lash.

  • MAC Riri Woo Lipstick - If I were to stay true to traditional Chinese makeup look, I would conceal my lips and draw smaller lips and apply a bright red lipstick, but I didn't do that mainly because I am very happy with my lip shape. I could probably make my bottom lips more narrow to stay true to the makeup look but the natural shape of my lips isn't that bad with the makeup look so I just decided to forego entirely drawing my lips and apply a red lipstick.

For the hair, here's my inspiration:

What do you think about this look? You think I nailed it? ^^

I would like to thank Fenny of LadiesJournal for the idea of doing a Chinese New Year makeup look. Please visit her and tell her I sent you! 

Friday, January 6, 2017

Influenster x Marc Jacobs Liquid Lip Creme & (P)outliner Review

For the first blog post of 2017, I', reviewing items thanks to Influenster and Marc Jacobs, I received a complimentary gift of the Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme and their (P)outliner! 

I am gonna start off with the review of the (P)outliner which has already been out released for quite a while now, but was sent as a bonus product with the Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme campaign. 

The packaging is very much in line with the aesthetics of all the other Marc Jacobs beauty products. Silver and black with the shade color at the end of the pencil which makes it easy to distinguish without having to take out the cap.

The shade I received is in (Nude)ist. A perfect nude-brown lip color. It is actually only slightly darker than my actual lip color so I enjoy it very much. Having a nude lip liner shade is great to layer on every lipstick color. You definitely can't go wrong.

It is retractable so you don't have to worry about having to bring a sharpener in your makeup bag and sharpening it. 

The (P)outliner is gel based and collagen infused. It is smooth, creamy and glides on easily on the lips. I had no bad thing to say this liner. It is everything that I want in a lip liner. What's even better is that you can wear it on it's own and you're good to go!


Now to the main event, The Marc Jacobs Le Mark Liquid Lip Creme. It is formulated with Brazilian cupuaçu butter and collagen for a rich and creamy texture that keeps the lips moisturized. It also claims to be an 8-hour wear lip product. 

The Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme is in a black tube with a little peekaboo hole for shade reference. It has a thicker doe foot applicator for good measure! ^^

I received the shade 450 Yours To Try, a nude pale peach shade, reminds me of a creamsicle actually. I personally don't like this shade on me because I overall look sick with this color. It just didn't suit my skin tone. It's such a bummer because the formula is actually pretty good. It is a bit thicker than the other lip creme type lip products that I've tried before. It doesn't dry to a matte finish. It remains creamy, like a creamy, thick gloss if you can't imagine it. It is very pigmented and moisturizing on the lips. Although it claims to be an 8-hour wear product, I don't believe that that is correct since this only lasted a good 3 hours maximum on me and even less with eating and drinking.

I do think that the Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme is quite a good product however, it does not live up to the 8-hour wear claim and the shade I received wasn't suited on my skin. A darker shade would be better suited on me or at least something that matches the (P)outliner in (Nude)ist. The lip liner is amazing though and that is something that I really love!

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.**